Denim Review: Closed Cropped Biker Pants in Sunny Yellow

This denim review is on a pair of Closed Denim Cropped Biker Pants in Sunny Yellow. I had to adjust the contrast and lighting a lot on the picture below because every camera I tried wouldn’t pick up the colour of these jeans properly. The adjusted photo below is as close as I can get to the real colour. They are literally fluorescent yellow, much like the colour of a yellow highlighter pen. They are just pretty much exactly like that, really strong and bright, which is a colour cameras struggle to capture correctly. The cameras seem to make them look more like a pastel or muted lemon which is very inaccurate. Even the photo on the Closed website isn’t correct. Hopefully you can get the idea of how bright these are.

I did a review on their full length Biker Pants before (here) so these have a similar fit, except for the fact that they are cropped. They hit around mid calf, or just below on me, and the leg opening of them is a bit wider than my leg so they are not fitted all the way down. For some reason though, these don’t seem to fit as nicely as the full length ones. I really liked how flattering and nice the full length version was, but in comparison to these, it seems like quite a difference. I feel like these don’t fit so good on the butt, the pockets are quite high up and I think it might be the fact that they are cropped, they just don’t fit so well. Maybe if they were fitted all the way down while being cropped, they might be better. They also make my hips look quite small I think. They might look nicer worn looser, like the stock photo from their website. Maybe it might be wise to size up from your usual size, so they have more of a slouchier fit perhaps.

I covered the colour of these jeans above, but I didn’t mention just how hard I found these to pair with things. I did two outfits for these, the first was with a denim shirt and this is the second one. Both outfits I’m not all that fond of, but I had such a dilemma trying to find things to match the intensity of this wash. The shoes were the hardest thing, especially because they are cropped as well as being incredibly bright. It was tough. I think if the weather was boiling hot, these would be easier to wear, you can just wear t-shirts and flats and it would look fine. I wouldn’t really recommend trying to dress them up like I tried.

Usually with most lighter coloured denim, the fabric is see through, this is the case with these as well. You can see from the photos that you can see my skin through them a bit and you can see the pocket bags at the hips through the fabric too. You would definitely need to wear nude or light coloured underwear with these, or it will show through quite a lot.

I am still trying to figure out my overall opinion of these jeans though. I do like Closed Denim a lot, they are a wonderful brand and make really nice jeans, but I am not sure if I like the Cropped Biker pant as much as the full length. I think moto style jeans are more suited to long lengths, rather than cropped. They would make a really nice pair of fun jeans for hot weather though, I can imagine them being great for a happy/fun day out and the colour is really cheerful. I think having them for hot weather is definitely best as then you can just throw on a white t-shirt and and some flip flops/thongs and you will be good to go. Layering doesn’t really work too well I found. If you are brave enough to wear fluorescent yellow and you like moto style jeans, these might be the pair that suit you well. I don’t know if I would be brave enough myself to wear these out though, I think they are really loud. We will have to see when Summer comes around. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about these jeans. Buy these jeans online at

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Jeans courtesy of Closed Denim.