Denim Review: Current/Elliott The Roller Jeans in Kentucky Blue

This weeks review is on an older style of jeans, Current/Elliott’s The Roller jeans in Kentucky Blue. I got these from Hautelook when they were having a Current/Elliott sale a couple of months ago. Usually I only like the brands skinny jeans and sometimes their Low Bell flares, so it was a change to try these out.

The Roller fit is one that I find slightly awkward on myself. On loads of other people it looks really good, but I think because I don’t have very long legs, having the cuff at the bottom and the slight dropped crotch, it makes my legs look even shorter and because they are not a fitted skinny, they are slouchy, that also makes my legs look a big wider. I don’t have a problem with them being slouchy, I’m quite fond of that in jeans, but the cuff as well is what makes my short legs look even shorter. I think this style would be so flattering on the longer legged ladies though, it’s a really well cut looser fitting skinny.

I took a size 26 in these, which is my usual Current/Elliott size, but I think I could have done with going up one size. They are slightly slouchy on me, but I would prefer them to be a bit more loose, I think it would add to the boyfriend effect more. They are very soft though, just like most of their jeans, the denim is a soft and thin denim which feels nice against the skin. Since they are supposed to fit looser, the rise is very low, as you can see. This isn’t something that I mind at all, I prefer low rises, but I know a lot of you like higher rises, so I find it important to mention if jeans have low rises.

The Kentucky Blue wash though, that’s my favourite part of these jeans! I love it! I’m always a fan of Current/Elliott’s lighter blue washes, Emily and Meritt always do such a good job of adding the right amount of fading and whiskering in the correct places. They really do have it down to an art form in my opinion. I know they have been straying away from lighter blues in favour of the bright colours and trends of the moment, but I would love for them to bring out some more blues, much like this one.

Overall, it’s a complicated feeling that I have with these jeans. I really like the actual jeans, very much, but I find they are not the best for my body shape, so in essence what I would like is to make my legs longer, ha ha. What are your experiences with The Roller jeans? I did get a lot of compliments on them though, a few people said they were really nice. I plan on wearing them more though because I am hoping that once they stretch out, they will mold to my body shape more and fit me better! Buy these jeans at Revolve Clothing for $198.

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