Denim Review: Current/Elliott The Skinny in Bright Rose

I have been so excited to review these jeans for you all! This is my first coloured denim review I have posted on DenimBlog (even though I love coloured denim) and it feels like it’s going to be the best one! I got sent these Current/Elliott The Skinny jeans in Bright Rose in the mail from Trilogy a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw a glimpse of the colour in real life.

Those of you who know me, or read DenimBlog regularly, will know that pink is my favourite colour, so you can understand how happy I am due to the fact that these jeans are the most prettiest pink I have ever seen in denim. The camera actually struggles to pick it up very well because it’s so intense. The shade is so vibrant and so bright, you can’t really understand how hot it is until you see it in real life. I didn’t expect these to be as gorgeous as they were just from the photos online. They are definitely bold and daring and they make you stand out a lot, but I think as long as you keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, it works.

The Skinny fit is sort of a classic for Current/Elliott, it’s a perfect skinny jean in the sense that it’s fairly low rise, super slim all the way down, the inseam is not too long and it runs true to size for the brand. Again, I took a 26 in these and although they do run slightly, just slightly, smaller than their other denim, I can still fit them.

Since these are a coloured jean, the fabric is not as soft and not as worn in as their other jeans. I usually love the brand because of how soft and delicate their denim is against your skin but because these are just dyed and haven’t been washed a lot and made to feel worn in, they are not as soft, but that’s not a bad point at all, I find them to still be very comfy and still soft in comparison to some other brands denim I have tried.

I think, if you love coloured denim, or just want to give it a try, Current/Elliott is the way to go. They have really made their washes so fun and they literally scream at you with their intensity in colour! They have pink, yellow, green, blue, coral and purple to choose from. The coral colour, called Punch, is another favourite of mine and looks amazing, I would love to try that one too. I think it’s safe to say that these actually might be my favourite pair of Current/Elliott jeans that I own and have seen. They are stunning! They make you feel so happy and cheerful just from the fact that they are bright pink! I love them. Click here to buy these jeans online at Trilogy.

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