Denim Review: Cycle Denim Straight Leg Jeans

This weeks review is on a pair of Cycle low rise straight leg jeans. I got sent these jeans a long time ago from the brand and I wasn’t so sure on them at first but I have decided I like them.

The inseam on these is super long and even with my highest heels it is still quite bunchy as you can see. I would definitely need to hem these for my lower heels because they do drag along the floor unfortunately. The rise feels like it is around 6.5″ , it’s very low. I used to wear rises this low all the time but I do prefer them a little higher now, around 7″ is good for me. I don’t mind them being this low though, it does make a change, it just limits what you can wear them with a bit I think, low rises can definitely be very flattering though and I find this pair just like that.

Cycle is an Italian brand that does make some amazing clothes! I have posted their look books before and I fell in love with so many washes and pieces from their collections. Especially the lighter denim shades they had on offer. I wasn’t too familiar with this wash before I got it in the mail. I do find it quite nice from the front but I am not loving the faded areas on the back of the thighs, to me it gives the illusion that my thighs are a lot larger than they normally are. They have small areas of distressing on them though which I am quite fond of, it makes a change to the normal big rips that we see on jeans.

The back pockets on these are definitely quite flattering, they are in a good position and fit nicely on the butt. I love the little Cycle logo on the right pocket as well, it makes them different. The jeans do run pretty true to size for an Italian brand. I find Italian jeans tend to run a little smaller than the brands that come from LA and other places. I’m a 28 in these and they are a good fit. I definitely couldn’t fit a 27 like I normally can in other brands.

Cycle jeans are not that easy to get hold of unless you are in Italy but Yoox do have the past season jeans available to buy. You can purchase them by clicking here. I would definitely like to try more jeans from the brand, perhaps a skinny fit. This is my first straight leg review though, that I have posted, I do wear straight leg jeans quite often, I used to wear Diesel Lowky jeans all the time. I find straight legs to be a much more flattering fit on me than bootcut jeans.

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