Denim Review: DC Skinny Jeans in Fudge

This weeks review is on a pair of jeans from DC. If you remember our post on how the brand has now ventured into men’s and women’s denim, these are from their women’s line. They are the Skinny jeans in Fudge which I got sent to try from the brand. I have always been familiar with DC, as when I was younger I used to wear their shoes a lot, it’s always nice to venture back into a brand for different reasons though, so I was more than happy to try these out.

As you can tell from the pictures, these are a super skinny jean. I took a 27 in them which is my usual jeans size and they fit me just fine so I would say they are true to size. A lot of the time skinny jeans are actually not as skinny as they should be so I was actually quite suprised with just how slim these are. They have a lower rise too and they are plain all over so if you don’t like heavy branding, like I don’t, these will be fine for you.

I wasn’t sure at first about how comfortable these jeans would be. Purely because I know DC is a brand for people who love skateboarding and sports/hobbies like that, I knew they had to be durable and sturdy. These are actually really soft though, the fabric is quite smooth and even though the denim is on the thicker side, they are still somewhat comfortable. I am really used to thinner denim or jeggings now though so it’s always harder making that transition back into thicker denim. Because the denim is thicker, they don’t sit on my bum as well as I would have liked them too. The pocket placement is fine, it’s flattering, but because of the jeans being really skinny and sturdy at the same time, the fabric tends to fold a bit under the butt area. I haven’t worn these long enough to stretch them out properly yet though, but I am sure that would work itself out if I did.

The thing that attracted me most to these jeans though was the wash. I was excited to do something non blue and the grey on these is absolutely beautiful! It’s the perfect shade of dark grey, but it’s lighter in areas and it has whiskering on the lap. It’s a grey that has a depth to it and it looks 3D almost. I was suprised at just how pretty this wash actually is. To be honest, I was quite suprised with everything about these jeans. I wasn’t expecting them to be this nice for a couple of reasons; the brand isn’t a jeans brand, the jeans are made in China and they have a lower price point of $68. You can feel the difference in the denim quality though, but that’s something I have learned over the years. You can buy these online at DC for $68.

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