Denim Review: Diesel Fayza Skinny Boyfriend Jeans

This weeks denim review is on the Diesel Fayza Boyfriend jeans. I have two pairs, one which I purchased from the Diesel outlet in 0800U (light blue) and the other which I bought at TK Maxx in 0661G. I’m not doing a specific wash review here, just the fit of the jeans. I took size 27 in both of these, which is my regular Diesel size, and they fit me perfectly, perhaps a little too loose though sometimes. I have tried the Fayza cut in a size 26 as well and it fits me a lot slimmer, but still slouchy. In terms of sizing, if you want the looser slouchy fit like I’m wearing here, stick with your normal size, but if you prefer a slimmer boyfriend, I would size down.

Both of these Fayza jeans are made from stretch denim and they sit really comfortably at the hips and are so easy to wear due to the dropped crotch. There is no restriction or anything when you sit down or walk, just pure comfort and that’s why these have become one of my go to pairs for running errands. I haven’t tried the 100% cotton styles, so I’m not sure if those sit exactly the same, but I always prefer my jeans with stretch in them. They mould to the body a lot better and sit well. I have the leg length of 32 in both of these Fayza jeans as they are designed to be cropped, but don’t be fooled by the length because unlike other 32 legs in Diesel, these don’t come close to 32 inches in length. I would say they were more around the 30 inches length.

These jeans can actually be worn in two ways in my opinion, one way where they hang at the hips with a really low crotch, or the other way being pulled up a bit so they fit with a slouch instead. To illustrate both fits, I wore the dark blue pair with the dropped crotch and the light blue pair pulled a bit higher up, so you can see the difference.

Unlike most boyfriend jeans, I actually find these to be flattering. Of course they aren’t as flattering as a skinny jean can be, but in terms of a boyfriend jean, they are. Usually boyfriend jeans can make me look shorter and sloppy, but the cut of these was really well designed as they get really slim towards the bottom, so they are pretty flattering and lengthen the leg. I didn’t take any photos from the back, but the pockets are smaller and angled quite nicely so they don’t have that huge butt appearance other boyfriend jeans with large pockets can have. The long length trouser style pockets at the hip really add to the look as well. These have become my favourite boyfriend jean cut of all time! The Fayza is the same cut that Gwyneth Paltrow wore a few months ago and you can see how they fit on her butt by clicking here.

If you are looking for comfort and a boyfriend jean that flatters you, I definitely would suggest the Fayza in a stretch denim. These come in numerous washes, even in the Jogg Jeans fit, so there are plenty to choose from, but I do imagine the stretch ones are more flattering than the 100% cotton pairs, so keep that in mind. You can buy Diesel Fayza jeans online at

Jeans my own/opinions my own.
Written by Lorna Burford