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Denim Review: Diesel Jegonfire 880A Moto Jeggings

This weeks review is on a pair of Diesel Jegonfire 880A Moto Jeggings. I chose these jeans because they are so different to the Diesel styles that I usually go for. I loved the look of them when I saw them in the store after seeing the new collection in London. They just stood out at me and I fell in love with them right away! These jeans are courtesy of Diesel UK.

The fit of these jeans is really nice. It’s super skinny, just as a jegging should be and it has a lower rise as well as being super comfortable. One thing that I have always loved about Diesel is the fact that they had different cuts and each of those cuts would fit differently all over, so the back pockets would be different as well. That always made the brand so versatile because if one cut didn’t work on your butt (instead of it being like most brands, if you don’t like the back pockets then all of the styles wont suit you) it’s completely different, you can try all of the cuts and one will work for you.

I used to be the biggest fan of Matic and Lowky as well as Nevy and Cuddy, but since those are going to be no longer available, I’m happy that I found these. I will be honest in saying these are definitely not as nice on my butt as Matic or Nevy though, the pocket placement isn’t as low down as on those two cuts, so I find these not as flattering on my butt as those, but in general, if I wasn’t comparing them to an old Diesel cut, I would be happy with how they fit me. They are flattering, especially from the front! As for sizing, I took a size 27 in these and I am usually between a 27 and 28 in normal Diesel jeans, but because they are so stretchy and lightweight, a 27 fits me really well.

The 880A wash is what grabbed my attention with these jeans. If I am honest, I never gave these a second look on the Diesel website, I glanced straight past them as I thought the wash looked too grainy and light so that put me off of them. I didn’t actually realise in the store that these were the same jeans I had seen online, that’s how different the online photos look to the actual jeans. I’m so glad I saw these in store instead because I am in love with them!

The wash is a mid blue but it has a lot of lighter and darker areas all over it. They are in the correct places though, like the lighter areas are on the knees and on the butt so it gives the illusion that they are worn in a bit and faded in those areas, as those are areas that fade the most. These also have subtle whiskering at the lap area which always adds more detail and depth to a wash in my opinion. I love the small distressed patches on these too, they are scattered around the jeans, but one of the things that I fell in love with the most with this wash was the hole at the knee. The right leg has a rip and I have always found that virtually impossible to find on a moto style jean. Purely because the moto jeans have so much knee detail already, adding rips can sometimes be too much, but not on these. I think it really makes them unique!

The front pockets on these remind me of miniature versions of the old Hush style pockets. They are really cute! Also the signature Diesel coin strip is much smaller on these so it doesn’t stand out as much. I love the moto style stitching at the knees on these too. It reminds me a lot of how c.r.a.f.t denim have their stitching. They have two full lines, one above the knee and one below and then the middle line is split so it’s just 2 short lines from each seam. The back patch is also made from bronze coloured sequins so that adds a feminine touch to them.

Overall I think these jeans are amazing and I am so glad that Diesel finally came out with jeggings! These are so comfortable and soft as well as being really pretty and detailed! Plus, these are one of Diesel’s lower priced jeans so you can’t ask for more than that! I’ve worn them quite a few times, even to the cinema and I only ever wear comfy jeans to the cinema! Buy these jeans online at Diesel for ┬ú120.

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