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Denim Review: Dittos Misty Love Bird Denim Shorts

This weeks denim review is on a pair of denim shorts, the Dittos Misty Love Bird Denim Shorts to be exact! You may have recently just seen these on Bella Thorne, who looks amazing in them, but hopefully this review will let you see the shorts in more closer detail.

I have a couple of pairs of Dittos skinny jeans, so this was my first time trying their shorts, but they actually fit quite well. The rise is of a mid height at both the front and back and they fit pretty true to size, however I think I should have sized up as I generally like my shorts to fit a little looser. These are a 27, which is my normal size in most denim brands, so you can stick to your regular size for these with a slimmer fit, or size up one, so they will be a little looser.

These have a raw hem so they have that frayed edge look, which is something that I always love on shorts. You can see the inseam is quite a nice length from the front, however, they are cut the same all around, so when you get to the back, they are quite short. I do have a butt that sticks out quite a bit, so you might want to keep that in mind if you have the same, as it means your butt takes up more of the fabric at the back so there isn’t much left in the way of an inseam. On me (you can see in the photo in the gallery) they just about cover the cheeks. I’m glad they do cover though as I wouldn’t like to wear them if they didn’t, but they are definitely short, so that’s why sizing up might be a good option so you can pull them down a little bit, so they hang lower on the hips.

The best thing about these shorts entirely though is the love bird print! It’s so adorable and sweet! I find these shorts to be really unique with this print as I haven’t really seen many bird printed jeans or shorts around, so I am really glad to have these as part of my collection. I do actually have the full length jean as well, however they don’t fit very well on me, the legs are a bit loose, so that’s why I favour the shorts over those. The print though, as you can see, is really bold and colourful. The love birds are facing each other in a romantic way and they are bigger and smaller on various parts of the shorts, which gives a nice effect.

In terms of denim, they are really thin which is great for shorts and they are quite stretchy so they are comfortable to wear. I would have just liked to size up like I mentioned, so they would be even more comfortable on me. These are now in the sale for only $55, so they are a great deal! It’s been so hot here over in England, which is very unusual for us since we are known for grey skies and rain, so it’s been a nice change to wear summer clothes for once! These are definitely worth their price though, they are very fun! Buy these shorts online at Lulus in the sale for $55.

Shorts courtesy of Dittos, opinion and article my own.
Written by Lorna Burford