Denim Review: DL1961 Jessica skinny jeans in Liberty

This weeks review is on a pair of DL1961 Jessica skinny jeans in Liberty that I got sent by the brand. I first tried DL1961 about 2 years ago and I really loved how they fitted me.

The fit of these is a classic 12″ skinny with a mid rise so they are a standard style skinny jean but they have a difference. The back pockets feature one zipper above the right pocket. This is a trademark of their Jessica fit and I love it! It makes the jeans much more unique but in a subtle way. The zipper is narrow and not ‘in your face’ like some can be so the jeans still have a classy feel to them. I did take a 28 in these as when I tried the 27’s 2 years ago, they were really tight. I think they have changed their sizing a bit now though as these 28’s are quite loose on me, especially in the leg area. A 27 would have fitted much better I think.

DL1961 make their jeans from their special 4 way stretch X-Fit fabric which means the jeans stretch with your body when you move but they don’t stretch out and they don’t lose their shape, which I think is fantastic! So many jeans become really baggy and loose after a lot of wears and they never fit how they used to. This X-Fit fabric eliminates that and makes them stay pretty much exactly the same as when you first got them. I have only worn these once and so far so good but I plan to wear them a lot longer.

The wash is a pretty dark blue called Liberty. I usually get a bit repetitive when reviewing the same dark blue shades of denim but these have some character to them. The wash makes the fabric look like it has depth and it’s quite bright. It also has subtle whiskering on the lap area and a slight, very slight, fading on the knee area which makes the jeans look a lot nicer. It makes them seem like they mould to your body more because the fading and whiskering is in the correct place. They also feature little faded lines around the front pocket area and the DL1961 trademark logo on the top right of the back right pocket.

A lot of celebs have become a fan of the brand over the last half a year and I know why. They do make amazing jeans, especially for comfort, these are super comfortable and so soft! I love that about them! I would definitely recommend the brand to anyone wanting a pair of classic 12″ skinny jeans that don’t end up sagging. They are wonderful! Buy these jeans online for $178.

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