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Denim Review: Don’t Cry Baby Skinny Low Jeans

This weeks denim review is on a pair of jeans from a newer Italian brand that we introduced to you not long ago, Don’t Cry Baby. I’m reviewing the Skinny Low DCB 325 jeans in Nero.

The fit of these jeans is a very skinny fit, they are a low rise with an inseam that hits around the ankles. On me they are full length but on some other people with longer legs they will be ankle skimmers. I always think that’s the best length to be as it’s the most flattering. It works for a majority of people. I find these to be quite stretchy as well so they are quite comfortable.

The back pocket placement on Don’t Cry Baby jeans is also one that I am not really used to, they are positioned completely different to most other denim brands. The pockets are placed at an angle so they point outwards. You can see what I mean in the gallery pictures below. I think they are positioned that way to flatter figures. I can see that they actually make the butt look smaller rather than accentuate it. Well, that’s what I found with me. So if you want to minimise your butt a bit, these might be the jeans for you. The pockets are positioned a lot higher than on other premium denim brands. I don’t like to try and make my butt smaller though, even though I do have a tush, I like to wear jeans that don’t minimise it, ha ha. I feel like these flatten it rather than let it stick out. That’s my personal preference though, I know a lot of you want to minimise it.

The wash is black, but it’s a black that’s faded a bit. You can see that it’s got some grainy undertones to it in real life. It doesn’t come out so well in the pictures. They also have a little distressed patch at the top of one of the thighs. It’s actually rare to find a distressed pair of black jeans really. I did find these jeans incredibly easy to pair things with though. Obviously since they are black they pretty much go with anything so that’s a bonus! The back patch is one that I find so cute! It has a fairy on it which looks quite similar to Tinkerbell and some little stars. It’s a very girly logo and I love it! From what I have seen though, the brand has some amazing jeans coming out, especially the washes and the moto jean! Buy these jeans online for 150 Euros.

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