Denim Review: Frame Le Garcon in Berkley Square

My review this week is on a brand that’s still relatively new, Frame. After discovering them this past fall and receiving a pair, I can say that there is no better name to suit the brand. I have always been envious seeing other men able to find skinny jeans that fit them and after getting this pair I can say that I now have a style that fits me just like that. From the details to the fit, click inside see why these have joined my ÔÇÿTop 5’ pair of jeans.

I got sent the Le Garcon in Berkley Square which is a skinny boyfriend style. As most boyfriend jeans are based on men’s styles and since many swamp me, I was a bit hesitant about how these would fit. I couldn’t have been more pleased about these as they fit me how a men’s skinny jeans should fit. They even rival the only pair that I have ever been pleased with by Joe’s. Since these are not men’s, I have yet to find a style in that category. But if Frame were to launch men’s, I highly suggest the Le Garcon be their men’s skinny fit.

I took these in my usual size 27 and like I said above, the fit is down right perfect to the certain look I was hoping for. I cannot compare these to boyfriend jeans by others, as they are the first that I have tried, but I would say they are true to size to regular skinny styles by brands like J Brand and Rag & Bone. They have a slim slouchy fit with an 8 1/2“ rise and a 29” inseam when worn cuffed. Though they came cuffed, I don’t wear them that way and I actually prefer the cuff undone as I like slight bunching at the ankles.

The fabrication of Frame has always caught my attention. It is very rare to notice how soft a pair of jeans is without actually feeling or seeing them first hand and that is the exact the story with Frame. They are just as soft as they appeared on the websites, they have a great hand to them and are lightweight. Perfect for the 100 degree weather these past few weeks. They are not the thickest denim, but they are also not the thinnest which makes them perfect to wear from season to season. What I find great about this pair is that they give off the illusion as though they would be stiff like other boyfriend styles, but they have a just enough stretch to them to make the roomier fit more comfortable. I have worn them many times since I got them and have not felt uncomfortable once.

The wash of the jeans is a classic medium blue that you can wear with anything. I’ve worn them with white shirts, denim shirts, t shirts and flannels in an array of colors and it compliments each perfectly. Along with the fit, you can pretty much wear them with anything.

Now for the wash, the details are very classic. There is no heavy detailing like a signature on the back pockets, just a simple stitching of an ÔÇÿF’ at the outer seam on the left side. As designers Jen and Erik said themselves, “The shape is more important than branding” and I couldn’t agree more because this fit was really thought out.

Overall, I have no complaints about these jeans and they have become one of the ÔÇÿTop 5’ jeans that I reach for from my closet every day. I would recommend them to both women and men. Whether you are a woman who is looking for something slouchy or a man that is skinny like me and looking for a skinny pair that fits like men’s without having to deal with sizing up. Actually there is one negative and that is they need to be released in more washes. There really isn’t enough. So what do you guys think of Frame? How many of you have become loyal fans of Frame?

Jeans Courtesy of Frame