Denim Review: Frankie B. Denim Hipster Overalls in Japan Blue

This weeks denim review is on a pair of the Frankie B. Denim Hipster Overalls in Japan Blue. These are my second pair of skinny overalls/dungarees as I previously reviewed the G-Star pair. These are quite a lot different in wash, fit and material, so it’s nice to be reviewing another pair.

The fit of these Hipster overalls is quite nice. They are a skinny jean from the ankle up to the hip and then the apron section is quite short, so it comes up below the chest, rather than above it. These don’t have any closing buttons on the sides, you just literally pull them up and on and you are done. These have a huge amount of stretch to them, so it makes sense for them not to have closing details. They fit a lot like a jegging version of an overall, but with thicker material. These overalls are incredibly comfortable to wear though, I wore these around all day and was perfectly fine the whole time, even sitting.

These have a suspender style back to them, so there’s no denim at the back of the overalls. The leather straps (with plaid on the underside) go right from the butt area of the jeans, around to the front and fasten with the classic overall buckles. The straps are adjustable so you can make them shorter and longer, to get the perfect fit. They also have little details like a pocket on the apron section of the dungarees and little distressed areas.

The jeans part of these fits just like the Frankie B. BFF Leggings, they are low rise, skinny, comfortable, soft and they have back pockets which are very flattering. I’ve always found Frankie B. back pockets to be flattering though, they hit at just the right place to go with the curve of the butt and they are the perfect size too. My only complaint with them from the back though is that I have to wear a longer cardigan or jacket with them. Because they are overalls, the back of jeans are cut quite straight and square across the top, so from a straight on back view, I feel like they make my butt look a little bit square. But I’m not overly confident wearing tighter jeans from behind with a top tucked in anyway. You can get the idea of what I mean by checking out the model on Revolve.

These overalls are made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. It says dry clean only, and I’m assuming that’s because of the leather straps and buckles. There is also a zipper up the back of the suspender straps, for added detail. I took these in a size 27, which is my usual Frankie B. size, and they fit me perfectly. Not too tight and not too loose, which is great. I also adore the blue wash these have. It’s like an intense shade of darker blue, with fading and whiskering in areas. It goes really nicely with other brighter colours, but I don’t think it would match very well with black. It’s not the right shade of denim for black. These overalls are definitely more on the smarter side than my G-Star pair, those had more of a slouchy boyfriend fit, where as these are skinnier and fitted.

Overall, I think they are a great pair of skinny overalls. They fit really well, are comfortable, soft and stretchy, which is what you need in overalls, and you can adjust the straps to your correct length, unlike the G-Star ones, plus the wash is gorgeous. But, my two issues would just be that 1) if you wear a tucked in top at the back your butt can look square and 2) the apron area is quite short. Don’t get me wrong, these are definitely wearable and lovely, just for my personal preference I would make the apron section a bit higher. That’s all! You can buy these online at Revolve for $305.

Overalls courtesy of Frankie B., opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford