Denim Review: Frankie B. Destroyed Leather Patch Leggings in Black Fade

The holidays are over and I’m back with my first denim review of the year! This one is on the Frankie B. Destroyed Leather Patch Leggings in Black Fade. I originally saw these on Revolve Clothing and thought they were so cool! I’m very used to seeing denim or cotton patches underneath rips, or just skin, but having faux leather panels under them is something new and creative! See what I think about these jeans in my review below!

I wanted to start with the fit of these Frankie B. jeans as I have always been a fan of the brand. The BFF Legging is incredibly flattering and I know so many people who think the same thing. They have a low rise of 7″ and a super skinny fit all the way down to the ankles with a length of around 31″, but my favourite thing about the fit is the back pockets. They are angled perfectly and are just in the right place to look really flattering. I find they make the butt look rounded and a bit perky! These also feature the little Frankie B. logo on the top right of the back pocket and have some distressing across the top, to go with the wash.

The ripped areas around the knees with the faux leather sewn in behind them are what attracted me to these in the first place. Unlike some patched jeans, you can’t feel the patches behind these jeans and there is no irritation either. That’s something that I’m really fond of as I don’t like any annoyance or discomfort when I wear jeans. They really do make the jeans unique though and very interesting, they give them a tough look which is edgy and they are actually more versatile than you might think! The Black Fade wash is just as it states, it’s a really washed out black which suits the ripped up knees. It does have a bit of a chalky grey undertone to it as you can see.

My usual size in Frankie B. is 27 and that’s the size I took these in. They fit perfectly and don’t cause any muffin top at all. The waist is often cut a little bigger which is something I am happy about as it fits my proportions a lot better, but you might want to keep that in mind if you do have a smaller hip area and bigger legs, they might not fit so well.

I’ve worn these a couple of times now and I do really like them, they are so soft on the skin and very stretchy, so they are great for wearing for a long time without feeling any restrictions. The only thing I will say is that you need a longer top with these. Frankie B. jeans are known for their low back rise and if I bend down, they do slip down a bit and I get a builders/plumbers butt situation, but I often wear long tops, so it’s not so much of a problem for me. Another thing I do want to mention though with the wash is that I love how the stitching is also black, I think the classic orange shade would have looked terrible, so keeping it tonal and having everything blend in was a great idea.

Overall, I honestly do love these. For my body shape and size, Frankie B. has always been a brand that suited me and I have loved it since I was 18 (7 years ago). These jeans suit body shapes which have smaller legs and bigger hip ratio, so if you usually suffer from muffin top in your jeans, but they fit perfectly in the thighs, then these jeans would suit you as like I mentioned above, they are cut wider around the top. If you know your Levi’s Curve ID cut then it would be suitable for those who are the Slight Curve. Obviously if you have a smaller waist and bigger thighs like the Bold Curve, these probably wont fit well. So keep that in mind when purchasing because when these fit correctly, they are so flattering and comfortable, you wont want to take them off. These and my Galaxy print Frankie B.s have become the favourites that I own from the brand, closely followed by my Overalls! You can buy these jeans online at RevolveClothing for $312. And on another note, I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are enjoying the new year!

Jeans courtesy of Frankie B./Opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford