Denim Review: Hudson Stark Moto Jeans in Jet Black

This weeks denim review is on the Hudson Stark Moto Jeans in Jet Black. These jeans have become really popular lately and I have been spotting them on celebs like Fergie as well as on numerous bloggers. The detailing on these jeans is really unique for a moto jean, so I’m not surprised everyone loves them so much.

I wanted to start out with the fit of these jeans. They have a mid to low rise, a super skinny leg and a bit of a longer inseam. If I could compare the fit they have to another one of their jeans, I would say it’s a bit like the Nico. The inseam states it’s about 30″ on the website, but it feels a bit longer than that to me based on how much it bunches. The leg opening though is around 10 inches, so they are very skinny. The fabrication is a mix of tencel, cotton and elastane, so they are incredibly stretchy and comfortable. I find a lot of moto jeans can be quite rigid and restrictive around the knee area with the seams, but due to how much these stretch out, I don’t find them uncomfortable at all around my knees.

The knees are actually my favourite part on the jeans. I included close up photos so you can see that they are actually like folds of denim, a lot like how a fan is when you open and shut it. This is something really inventive and cool, it’s so different to the usual stitched lines you see. I even like just poking them as they feel really cool, ha ha. The stitching does also go around to the back of the knees, so it’s not just the front that has the detail. There are no fanned pieces of fabric on the back though, those are just on the front. These also feature zips on the hips in a slanted vertical position and some cool stitching around the calves as well. These are full of stitched lines and intriguing details and I love that about them. Even though these jeans have so much going on, I don’t think they are overwhelming or too much. Everything is fairly subtle because it’s such a black wash, so you can only really see everything up close.

Speaking of the wash, these are probably as black as you can get. They are a jet black with waxing/coating all over them, so they have a gorgeous shine to them. As they are that dark though, it’s hard to capture all of the details properly, but if you are looking for a really black wash then these are definitely it, with waxing. On to the sizing, these are a size 27 and they are true to size. They fit much the same as the Nico jeans in terms of sizing.

Overall, if I could change a few things about these jeans, it might be the placement of the hip zippers as I’m undecided if they make my hips look a bit straight more so than curved, and I would love for the calf area to be slimmer and the inseam to be shorter, but these two last points are purely because I have shorter legs and small calves. But in the general picture, I think these are really cool and I love the details on the knees, the wash and the comfort of them. The Stark Moto comes in a bright red as well, which I think is really pretty, but with the details, I think the jeans work better in black. Buy these jeans online at Hudson by clicking here.

Jeans courtesy of Hudson/opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford