Denim Review: INDI Custom Denim

This weeks review is on a different pair of jeans, INDI Custom Denim jeans. I made these jeans on their website a few weeks ago and it was a really fun process.

First you start out by choosing the type of fit you would like for your jeans which then takes you to the builder page where you get to select everything else. There are 5 different medium to dark washes to choose from and 2 different fabric weights. Then you get to select the colour of the stitching you want, the rise, zipper or button fly, what sort of leg opening you would prefer, the hem stitching size and whether or not you want a coin pocket and then you go on to select what sort of pockets you would like and if you want any embroidery on the back pockets. You then finally go on to the measurements section where you type your height, weight, inseam, size etc and it will calculate your perfect fit. The jeans then go on to be made to your specifics at the factory.

I think it’s a really cool process and worth the time to put all of those details in. I normally have the issue of having the jeans too tight in the waist and loose in the thighs but these have the perfect ratio for the thighs and the waist. I selected the super low rise which is a pretty standard low rise of around about 7″ and I selected skinny which turns out to be a regular skinny of a 12″ opening. The inseam also fits me perfectly. I do quite like the idea of making custom jeans as you can get the fit perfect for yourself, I just wish you had the option to design the pockets exactly how you want them, including measurements, shape and positioning. The only point I can make about these is that the pockets are just slightly off from the position I normally like them and I find the shape of them to be a bit too long and narrow for me, but that’s just my personal preference as I am extremely fussy when it comes to jeans and getting a perfect fit. These pockets are a pretty standard pocket so it seems like they would suit most people.

I’m pretty sure I selected the medium indigo with distressing wash and it turned out to be quite pretty in real life, it’s got some depth to it and subtle whiskering. It is light weight fabric so it’s quite comfortable as well. I definitely think this would be something you should try if you can’t find jeans to fit you correctly, I know a lot of you get gaping in the waist or the thighs are just way too tight in regular premium jeans or there is not enough room in the butt etc. We all have different body shapes and that’s what I like most about INDI Custom Denim, they give you the chance to create a jean just for you. One that will fit you how you want them to fit so you don’t have to put up with ill fitting jeans. You can start creating your own jeans here.

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Jeans courtesy of INDIcustom.