Denim Review: J Brand Earhart In Vintage Pendelton

This weeks review is on the brand new pants from J Brand, the J Brand Earhart flight pants in Vintage Pendelton. J Brand sent these to me to review and I’m pretty sure they are going to be the trend for the Summer, just like their Houlihan pants were last year. Please excuse some of the photos, I was having issues with the sun shining on the lens and then unfortunately it started to rain so there are rain spots too, ha ha. Nothing like English weather!

The comfort of these pants is the most amazing thing about them, they are even comfier and softer than most sweat pants. They are made from a 6oz twill fabric, so you can imagine just how soft that is, and it’s thin enough to keep you really cool in the hot weather. Because these are looser, they make moving in them really easy, I could quite happily do anything in these without feeling uncomfortable, I’m sure.

I took a 27 in these which is my Agnes and Houlihan size, although I can fit a 28 in the Houlihan, a 27 is perfect in these because I didn’t want them too baggy. My one big issue with these Earhart pants though is the leg opening, it’s designed to sit mid calf but because I have very small calves I find they slip down a lot on me, they fall down into full length pants quite often. If I put them up higher, they bunch too much and look silly so that’s my biggest flaw with these. But like I said, I do have small calves, so for the rest of you they should be perfectly fine and stay up.

The Vintage Pendelton wash is a shade of brown that reminds me a lot of the woods, it’s very earthy and it was my favourite colour out of all of the ones available. Because it’s brown it will go with many other colours so it’s pretty easy to put together an outfit quickly. There isn’t much to say except that these are twill so they are very soft and gentle against the skin, like the Houlihan pant, but they feel thinner and more breezy.

The lack in back pockets on a loose pant like these does make me feel a bit cautious though, I find that they don’t give much definition or shape to your butt because they don’t have pockets, but the prettiness of these from the front and the overall comfort level gets rid of that all together. I think these will be perfect for dressing up with heels or down with flats, they are very versatile. I also think they will suit a lot of shapes, if you are slim you can get away with them looser or tighter but if you have curves I think wearing them tight would be a lot more flattering to your figure.

Like I said above, I have high hopes for these, I can see the celebs wearing them when it’s boiling hot, I feel like they are going to be the new ‘it’ pant for J Brand. Buy these J Brand pants at J Brand online for $235.

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