Denim Review: J Brand Kane in Industrial

Lately the past few weeks I have been opting for slouchier styles more often than my slimmer ones. For my next review, I could not be more pleased to do it on a pair of the J Brand Kane in Industrial for multiple reasons. From the fit to the wash, my perspective on the style has changed from the previous pairs of men’s jeans that I have owned from the brand.

I’ll start with the fit of them. I took them in my usual size 30 and compared to the Kanes that I had years back, which were denim, these are slimmer. I’m not sure if they had a re-cut on the style, the material or if my perspective of the fit just changed. Either way, I can say that it is all for the better. Though slimmer, they are not as slim as I would like them to be. Just a tad looser like a 1/4 of an inch here and a 1/2 inch there. One thing that I am super pleased about is the length. There is little to no stacking with them and they work with any type of shoe.

The material is a super soft twill, but unlike other twill jeans, these are really smooth and as though they are suede in some instances. Even compared to the Corporals that I have, they have a much softer hand and more weight to them which insures that they will last over time.

This wash is a solid charcoal grey. There are no wears or fading on them like their previous twill styles. As they are not denim, I don’t mind that they are just solid color because they don’t feel bland as grey denim most often leans towards.

Overall, I would recommend these to any guy that is looking to take a break from denim. They are not only really comfortable, but they are just a smart looking pair of jeans that are versatile. You can easily pair them with a white collared shirt for work or switch it up with a flannel for a day off. You can click here to purchase these jeans from the J Brand website for $176.

Jeans Courtesy of J Brand.