Denim Review: James Couture Skinny 1210 in Vesper

I know I was asked to do a review (by a reader) on the jeans from the new James Couture collection and I was really excited to be able to! James Jeans sent me this pair, the Couture Skinny 1210 in Vesper, and I was so intrigued by all of the hype the jeans had got, trying them out was something I couldn’t wait to do!

We announced to you before that the James Couture jeans collection was completely different to other premium denim jeans, especially their own jeans. They are much more unique and you can tell the expertise that has gone into making these. The jeans are each supposed to have suction thigh wrapping, vortex waist contouring, hip padding and sculpted bottom volume. It also says that the power denim appears smaller than normal James Jeans because they expand to hold your body in order to achieve maximum hold and lift. Everything said here is actually true! And I will go into more detail now.

The fit of these jeans is actually incredible. I was a bit skeptical at first about the whole concept. A lot of times in the past, some brands have said their jeans would be different and fit amazing, but there wasn’t much of a difference, but that is not the case here. I was really shocked to find these actually do everything they said they would. I chose the 1210 skinny as I prefer a lower rise (they come in different cuts and rises). These ones have around a 7.5″ rise, a 10″ leg opening and around a 29″-30″ inseam. All of this is perfect for me, that’s how I love my jeans!

When I first put these one, I was so suprised! They do squeeze you in and hold you tight and they make your legs look really slim. The suction thigh wrapping seems to suck your thighs in and make them look thinner and smoother, if that’s even possible, but they do. The waist band is very contoured, it has some slight padding around it and it’s very stretchy so it fits very well and is sculpted to sit on the hips perfectly. The best part though is the back pockets. Those have some padding in them and they are shaped and cut differently to normal James Jeans pockets, they appear higher as the positioning is different and they really make your butt look like it sticks out and up. I love that! They do give the illusion of a pert butt.

The first pair I tried of the James Couture was actually the Matte Black wash. I got those in my regular size of 27, but they were so tight I could barely move, they definitely run smaller. I exchanged them for the Vesper wash in a 27 and these fit perfectly. I thought I would include that for reference to let you know the Matte Black seems to run a bit smaller than the Vesper. At first though, when you put these on, they are very tight. You have to wear them for a while so they can mould to your body and fit you perfectly. They do expand to fit your body shape, so they become like your personal pair of jeans.

You can see (as I included two outfits) the purple top pictures of mine at the bottom of the gallery, this is the first time that I wore them and they did give me some muffin top, slightly, as they were very tight. The second time I wore them (white shirt), although they still suck you in, they didn’t give me any muffin. They fit much better now than they did the first time. I’m just waiting for the lower butt area to stretch out a bit more so the creasing is minimised. I always get creasing below the back pocket area due to my butt and thigh shape, but hopefully that will go away a bit more yet.

Seeing as these are made from cotton and power stretch material, they are super comfortable. They are just like denim leggings, but they fit a lot more flattering because of the contouring. I could happily wear these most of the day and still stay comfortable (as I have done) and that’s something that is very important for me when choosing jeans. Comfort is on the top of my list a long with fit. These tick both those boxes!

The Vesper wash is actually really pretty too. I do own a lot of classic dark blue washes, but luckily these have a sheen to them, so they look quite rich and strong. They don’t look matte and dull. That’s something I always look for in a dark wash, the sheen. Usually the darker jeans attract all of the fluff and hair too, but these barely even did that. That’s another bonus.

I was trying to think of anything negative about these jeans, but I honestly can’t. I usually like to list all points about the jeans, but I can’t think of anything bad to say about them at all. I have fallen in love with them and these are actually my favourite pair of dark washed jeans that I own now. I did have some other favourites, which I thought wouldn’t be beaten, but these did beat them. They are wonderful. They actually make me feel ‘sexy’ so to speak. I’m not saying I look sexy, ha ha, I mean in the sense that they fit and feel really nice, it’s definitely a nice feeling to wear them, I feel confident in them instead of conscious, like I have done before in some jeans.

If you haven’t yet tried the James Couture jeans, I would definitely say you should! I’ve been doing denim reviews and have been passionate about denim for many many years now and I can say that these are definitely a pair of jeans that have really impressed me. Especially since they are a classic as well! The best part is that if skinny is not for you, they come in bootcut and straight leg as well as a higher rised skinny. There is something for everyone. All of these come in the Matte Black and Vesper. The Matte Black do attract hair and fluff though, I had a big issue with that one, ha ha, as I do with all black jeans! And as always, I’ve given my honest opinion on these jeans and I am never influenced by anyone in my reviews. I genuinely do love these. I was also thinking of doing a video of these, to show you all of the details and padding on them from the inside. Let me know if you would be interested in that! Buy these jeans online at James Jeans for $194.

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