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Denim Review: James Jeans Moto in Laguna

These weeks denim review of mine is on the James Jeans Moto skinny jeans in Laguna. I’m a big fan of James Jeans as a brand, and this makes my second pair of their moto jeans. My other pair is from a couple of years ago and they are a washed black colour, so technically these are my first blue moto James Jeans.

I took my regular size of 27 in these and they fit me perfectly fine, they run very true to size for James Jeans. This I find is the same size as my Paige and Citizens of Humanity size, if that helps. The rise is around 7.5 inches, so it’s quite comfortable and of a great height, the back rise is a bit low, but I find it to be really flattering. It’s around 12 inches, but if you wear a longer shirt like I do, it’s no issue what so ever. These have around a 29.5 inch inseam and they are very skinny, but because they are jeans and not a jegging, the moto stitching that they have around the knees makes them slightly loose on me, but I’m sure on other legs they will fit slimmer as my calves are small in comparison to the rest of my legs, so that’s why this usually happens. It’s only a slight looseness though as you can see, but it’s partly down to them being longer than what I am used to as well.

The jeans are really nice, I find them to be sturdy and comfortable at the same time, but they have a durability to them that jeggings just don’t have. They are a mix of cotton and elastane, so they have some stretch to them. The back pocket positioning is one of my favourite things about James Jeans. They position them really central, but the pockets sort of have a curve to them so they follow the shape of your butt, which is really flattering. They aren’t too big or too small and they look really good, which is one thing that always makes me adore the brand. Jeans have to fit nicely on my butt and legs or I don’t like wearing them, ha ha.

The Laguna wash is like a vintage/faded darker blue, with a couple of distressed patches in places. I would say the image just below of me sitting on the wall is quite an accurate representation of the wash, definitely more so than the above photo as they look darker there. It’s definitely a versatile wash which you can pair with most things, it’s very blue and denim like, which is nice to see on a moto jean. I’m just a little unsure on the distressed areas, sometimes I think they look a little bit awkward as they are just randomly placed, more so than blending in or looking authentic.

Speaking of moto though, that brings me to the design. The moto stitching is only on the front of the jeans so it doesn’t go around to the back, but I find this more comfortable actually because when you bend down, sometimes stitching behind the knees can really cut in and hurt, but these don’t do that as it’s only on the front. As you can see from the photos, the stitching looks really good. I love that it goes up past mid thigh with horizontal lines and then has the seams around the knees, it’s definitely a great design for moto! The seams are quite stiff though, so when you sit down, they do dig into your skin a little bit, which you can see in the photo, but it’s not painful at all, it’s just something that I don’t think looks very pleasing on the eye, but this is only the case when sitting and has happened to me with every moto jean I have tried. When I stand up and walk they fit me fine without any cutting in though.

Overall, I really do like these jeans. The Moto skinny from James Jeans is one of my favourite cuts, along with their low rise Couture cut, but I’m not sure this is my favourite wash from the collection. These come in so many different washes and although this one is great and really versatile and vintage looking, I do think I prefer the washed black I have as it just goes with the moto vibe more. Plus, I’m not overly fond of the distressed areas, I think these would look nicer if they were plain. That’s just my personal preference though. Also, if I didn’t have the washed black, then I would definitely like these more. Other than the inseam being a bit long for me and the points above, I can’t find anything else wrong with them. I think they are gorgeous and such a wonderful cut that’s incredibly flattering! Buy these jeans online at James Jeans for $211.

Jeans courtesy of James Jeans, opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford