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Denim Review: James Jeans Moto Jeans In Black Out

This weeks review is on the long awaited James Jeans Moto Jeans in Black Out. As you know I have been a fan of these jeans since I saw them on Nicky Hilton quite a while ago. I was gutted I couldn’t find them in my size anywhere but then a lovely reader said they were on Bluefly so I managed to get them from there. International shipping always takes so long though but I finally have them and I am in love! It was windy and raining a bit again so you will have to excuse my hair in this one, ha ha.

The thing that makes me love these jeans a lot is that the moto stitching is only on the front, so bending and sitting down isn’t uncomfortable and tight on the back of my knees. Normally I think that moto jeans don’t look so good with only the biker print on the front but these are en exception. I love that the stitching goes up really high, past the mid thigh, that definitely adds something extra to the jeans which makes them stand out. This moto stitching is actually my favourite I have seen on any jeans, from all brands. It’s just perfectly done and looks really really good! Well maybe second to Balmain!

The fit of these is exactly like the Twiggy fit from the brand, they are super skinny and really stretchy as well as being incredibly comfortable and flattering. With James Jeans I always find that they elongate your legs so much, they just add inches and make your legs looks slimmer in my opinion. I don’t know how they do it but they do! The pockets on the back are also one of the most flattering, they are perfectly positioned in the center but not too far from the middle seam so they really flatter your butt. These do run a little small as I did some research and sized up to a 28 for a more comfortable fit, I’m sure I could do a 27 which is my normal James Jeans size but I find with the moto stitching can get quite uncomfortable when worn too tight. These also have quite a high rise of 8 inches but I always wear longer tops to cover that. The inseam I thought would be too long because they seem to fit Nicky perfectly but it’s actually just the right length!

The wash of these jeans is also just perfect! It’s black but it’s so washed out that you can still see your body shape and figure through it, it doesn’t hide and disguise so it makes them more real. It’s faded in the right places to enhance areas like your butt and the front of your legs as well to really give you a shape. It’s definitely not the typical faded blacks you see normally and I also think it’s the best shade for a moto jean!

These jeans have since transitioned into James Jeans other line, James Icon, and they will be released in more washes like pale pink, bronze, green and grey as I mentioned before in the Look Book post a couple of weeks ago. I still think the Black Out featured here is the best colour though. I would absolutely recommend these jeans to anyone who loves skinny jeans and the moto trend, they are the perfect combination and so comfortable! Buy these jeans in the sale at Bluefly for only $79.99. They are beyond worth the money!

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