Denim Review: Joe’s Jeans The Skinny in Geranium

This weeks review is on a pair of Joe’s Jeans The Skinny in Geranium, courtesy of Joe’s Jeans. This was my first time trying Joe’s actual jeans actually and I was pleasantly suprised. I remember trying a pair of their pocket-less leggings last year and they were cut in the shape of legs, so there was more room in the calf area which didn’t work for me as I have small calves. I hadn’t tried any other pair from the brand since, but I was always intrigued by their 55 colours range!

I know pretty much every brand has released their take on the coloured denim trend which blew up last year, but Joe’s really took it to the next level. They released their famous The Skinny cut in 55 different colours and each one of them is different. You can literally find the colour you are looking for and I think that’s amazing! I chose the Geranium colour as the red/orange/pink tones are my favourites and this shade combines them all. Lauren Conrad has this pair too and she looks great in hers.

The Skinny fit is just as it’s called, it’s a mid rise long length skinny with an inseam of around 34″ which is quite long. Since they are very slim at the ankle though, the bunching doesn’t really look bad at all, I think it looks quite nice and they seem like they make my legs look really long. Even when I wear them with flats. I love it when jeans create that illusion on their own!

They are very soft as well, the fabric definitely feels nice against the skin, really smooth and it’s not uncomfortable at all. I took my usual size of 27 in these, but I am thinking I should have taken a 26 as they seem to stretch out quite a lot. They fit perfectly when I put them on, but after half a day of wear they have got quite wrinkly and a bit baggy. I would say go with your smaller size in these, but if you don’t want them to be tight then stick to your regular size. Sometimes having jeans looser makes them even more comfortable though.

The back pocket placement on these is quite nice too, they are positioned central and slightly angled which makes them flattering on the butt. I find with most premium denim brands though, the back pocket placement is always good. That’s the thing with premium denim, it’s premium for a reason. They take care in their fits and really make sure that they fit as perfectly as they can. This is the main reason I love premium denim. Most lower priced brands just have a basic cut and don’t worry about fit at all. Some do, but most don’t. But these Joe’s Jeans are definitely flattering. I really like how they look, fit and feel. Even the branding is subtle, the signature stitching is the same colour as the jeans so it blends in and the little metal Joe’s logo is quite sweet! I like it!

The Geranium wash has to be my favourite one out of all of the 55 colours! It literally looks just like a Geranium flower. You could call it a red shade, but it has orange and pink undertones which makes it more like a bright an intense reddy coral. How it turned out in these photos is just how it looks in real life. It’s absolutely beautiful and I find it so easy to pair with things. I can’t wait to wear them again! They are the perfect bright jeans!

The only thing negative I can say about these is they stretch out loads, but that’s not really a specific problem to these jeans, that happens with most non-jegging jeans. If someone said to me though, can you recommend a good pair of coloured skinny jeans, I would definitely direct them towards Joe’s Jeans. They have a great fit and you can literally choose any colour you like! Plus another bonus point is that they are a little bit cheaper than most premium denim brands. I find most jeans run at around $190 ish and these have a price point of $158. Buy these online at Joe’s Jeans for $158.

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