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Denim Review: Ksubi Kolors Spray On Skinny in Aged Blue

This weeks review is on a pair of jeans I have wanted to own for a while! The Ksubi Kolors Spray On skinny jeans. I received the Aged Blue colour from the brand and I am really excited that I did! I originally loved the red or yellow but I think these are much more versatile and it’s different reviewing a bright blue!

I am absolutely in love with the fit of these jeans, a few people have commented on how well they fit and I completely agree. They are like a jegging as they are really stretchy and comfortable but they fit like a jean as they are really flattering. I can see why they have the name spray on skinny jeans, they literally do fit like second skin and suck you in. But they do this without being uncomfortable which is perfect! The rise is a medium height and the inseam does have a good length to it, they give a slight bunching at the ankles which I like a lot when jeans are super skinny.

The colour of these is really fun too! I am obsessed with coloured jeans and I never really thought I would like bright blue that much over all of the other colours but I do, I like them a lot! They are so easy to wear and they don’t stand out as much as a pair of yellow or red jeans would. The denim is amazingly soft too, it’s silky and buttery to touch which is a nice feeling against the skin. This is the second time I have tried Ksubi, I owned a pair of red ankle zipper jeans from them about 4 years ago and I was always confused by their sizing, they went in actual inches instead of jeans sizes, I’m not sure if that’s an Australian thing or not since the brand is from there but they have since changed that and now go in regular jeans sizes.

I took a 27 in these which is my normal jeans size and they fit me perfectly. I love the back pocket placement on these too, they are perfectly positioned and really flattering, they aren’t too big or too small and they are a great shape. I also love the little details that come on Ksubi jeans, I always have, like the crosses/stars as the back patch and the little squares which are on the back of the thigh. They make the jeans so unique and different. These also came with the rat and logo stickers on the backs of the legs, as I think most of their jeans do. I love those too! I’ve seen some people keep these stuck on the jeans but I’m pretty sure you are supposed to take them off, ha ha.

These jeans have actually made me realise why I loved the brand all those years ago, they are so comfortable and just perfect! I am now planning on adding more Ksubi jeans to my collection when I can. I definitely need more! The Ksubi Kolors short film was something I liked a lot too, when it came out to promote the jeans, it was really intriguing! I think if you haven’t tried the brand then it’s one you should definitely try! They are one of the best coloured jeans I have tried so far! Buy these jeans online here for $199.95 or at Net-A-Porter for £135.

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