Denim Review: Levi’s Curve ID Slight Curve Skinnies

This weeks review pictures are a little different as I have been sick and wasn’t able to take pictures this weekend. These photos are from an old set which I never got around to posting because they came out a bit blurry and dark or too light etc but I have cropped some of them to the best parts and most are close ups. They are the Levi’s Curve ID Slight Curve skinny jeans.

I think the Curve ID concept that Levi’s came up with is wonderful! Having 4 different fits for different shaped women, it’s really something that needed to be done. So many of us are different shapes and sizes, some of us have large hips and a small waist, others have small hips and thighs etc. Not everyone fits the same styles and it’s amazing how different the fits are. I have tried the Bold Curve, the Demi Curve and the Slight Curve all in my size and they fit so differently!

The Bold Curve I couldn’t actually button up very well because of the small waist and the thighs and butt area were much too big on me, this cut is for the curvy ladies really. The Demi Curve fitted me in the waist and the butt but the thigh area was a bit loose on me so I tried the Slight Curve and that works out to be perfect! I have quite small legs so this Slight Curve accounts for that. It fits slim all the way down and it fits nicely in the butt area. It is a little tight in the waist but I do often have that problem, getting jeans to fit my legs is more important to me really. I haven’t tried the 4th cut, the Supreme Curve, because I know that wont fit me either, it’s for ladies with more curves.

I actually think that the Curve ID range is Levi’s best range because of how easy it is to find the perfect fitting jean for your shape. I have to say that these jeans fit me near enough perfectly, they are a little long and not quite as skinny as I would like but that’s because they are just a classic skinny and not a super skinny or ankle peg jean. The rise is a good height and the pocket placement is great. They make your butt look really rounded. The dark wash and material is one that attracts a lot of hairs though unfortunately, as you can see from the butt picture below, they are a hair magnet. I often get that with black jeans and these are a really dark navy which is pretty much almost black so I can understand why it happens.

I would definitely recommend that you try out the Curve ID range! You can take the test online on their website by clicking here where you answer questions and they tell you which fit will be best for you. It’s fun and then you can shop their Curve ID jeans. The best part is they are around $60 – $80! I think that’s a great price, but for us ladies in the UK they are around ┬ú85 as Levi’s are always a lot more expensive over here. Buy Levi’s Slight Curve jeans online at Levi’

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Jeans courtesy of Levi’s.