Denim Review: Levi’s Curve ID Slight Curve Skinny Jeans

My review this week is on a pair of Levi’s Curve ID jeans; the Slight Curve Skinny. I did originally do a review on a pair of Slight Curve’s, but I wanted to do this one to show how getting a different inseam length can really make a difference in the fit. These I have on here are a size 27 x 34 and the inseam length makes a huge impact on the fit.

Starting out with the actual cut of these jeans, the Slight Curve is for those with slimmer legs and hips and it fits really well. I’ve tried the Demi Curve and although it fits ok in the waist, it’s just too baggy in the legs for me, so the Slight Curve works much better. The thigh to waist ratio is really good on my figure and the rise is also a nice height. I really love the Curve ID range because it’s so useful to so many women. Not everyone is the same shape so certain cuts and styles don’t suit everyone, but with Curve ID, you can get the same wash in your cut, no matter what shape you are.

I wanted to show how important the correct leg length is with your preferred cut though. As you can see here, the 34″ inseam is much too long for me as I usually need about a 29″ in skinnies, however I thought making a cuff could be cute. I do quite like how the fold looks at the hem, but due to the inseam being so long, they are baggy in my legs. They fit as they should from mid thigh upwards, but if you get an inseam that’s too long, they are much too big in places they shouldn’t be. So that’s definitely something you need to look out for when purchasing a pair of jeans from the Curve ID collection. Since they are cut so specifically, you need to get it right everywhere to achieve the best possible fit. I am much better suited to a Slight Curve in size 27 x 30 as they are slim all the way down.

Since these don’t have a wash label, I am actually not sure what the wash is, however in person it’s an incredibly dark shade of Indigo, with a slight grainy feel to it. I edited some of my photos so that the denim would show up clearer and so that you can see some of the wrinkles and fit better, as well as the wash. Since they are very dark they are incredibly hard to pick up with the camera without the colours being off quite a bit. The wash isn’t the best wash I have seen, but if you are looking for a dark wash indigo and you don’t want to pay a premium price then I would suggest a wash like this. It’s very versatile and classic.

These are also quite comfortable. Not as soft and easy wearing as jeggings, but they are not as restricting as regular heavy duty denim. They are in between and fairly easy to wear I would say. You just need to make sure you get the fit correct to your body shape and the inseam correct. I didn’t really realise until now how important inseam length is in the Curve ID collection. It really does make a huge difference, so if you do come across a pair and they don’t have your length, I really wouldn’t recommend getting them in a longer length and hemming them as they will still be bigger in areas they shouldn’t be.

Overall, I think the Curve ID collection is wonderful and so useful to so many people. I don’t have any complaints towards the Slight Curve cut that suits me, but since these are not my correct inseam, I am not a huge fan of how they fit me from the mid thigh downwards. They could definitely fit better. But, this isn’t something wrong with the design of the jean, it’s purely because these are not my exact fit and you have to be so specific and accurate. What do you think of the Curve ID range? Buy Levi’s Curve ID jeans online at their website.

Jeans courtesy of Levi’s.