Denim Review: MET Angel Xfit 360 Super Stretch Jeans

This weeks review is on the MET Xfit 360 Super Stretch jeans/jeggings. I got sent these from the brand from their Spring/Summer 2011 collection and I am in love with them!

The wash of these is actually my favourite part of them. It’s a pastel/chalky/dusty blue and it has so much life to it! Normally with jeggings they come in the classic washes but MET took it a step further with these. The wash actually reminds me a lot of a Diesel wash with the chalky effect over the bright blue fabric, it’s really pretty and it makes the jeans beautiful in their own right, you don’t need to rely on an outfit to spruce them up.

The fit is one of MET’s classic fits, the Angel skinny jean. The Angel is a low rise, skin tight, thicker waistband cut and it’s really flattering. I own a few pairs of MET jeans now and I have to say these are the comfiest ones I have. They are just so stretchy and hugging that they do feel like a really well made pair of jeggings. Normally MET jeans can be quite tight and restricting but these aren’t at all. I can happily wear them around all day and still be comfortable.

MET can be known for their over the top aesthetics on jeans but this pair won me over because they kept them so simple. They are completely plain except for the little MET tag on the top of the pocket. For a jegging/super stretch jean as well, I have to say they are really quite structured. They are not so thin that they don’t do anything for your shape but they are not too thick either. They are the perfect balance in between which still looks and fits like a great pair of jeans but they have that extra added comfort and move-ability to them.

Elle MacPherson is already a huge fan of the brand and owns multiple pairs of their jeans and I do understand why. I have a few pairs now too and they are a really well made Italian denim brand. I reviewed their faux leather skinny jeans a while back as well, which you can see here. Those are also another favourite of mine.

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