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Denim Review: MET Becky Eco-Pelle Leather Skinny Jeans

I was lucky enough to be sent these jeans by MET Jeans to review and I am so happy I got them. After I saw them on Elle MacPherson a few times a little while ago I completely fell in love with them. I’ve always loved the look of leather pants/jeans but I didn’t want a full pair of pants that were made entirely from real leather. This pair works out perfectly because they are more light weight than real leather and a lot more breathable and stretchy. But the bonus is they look and feel exactly like real leather.

I wanted to talk about the fit of these because it truly is amazing! They are one of the most skinniest pairs I have ever tried and they fit like second skin. They have a super low rise of around 6.5 inches and they only have a zip fastening, they have no button closure or anything else, just a zip. I found this weird to get used to at first but it’s actually quite a lot more comfortable than a button closure because it’s not so tight against the stomach. The inseam is not really long, I would say it runs at roughly around 29-30 inches but I haven’t measured it exactly. The length is perfect for me though and they seem to fit Elle great as they are more cropped on her. They do fit very much like leggings and they have both back pockets and front pockets.

The material is incredible, they are 75% cotton and 25% polyurethane and they are made to feel just like leather. They even have that matte and wrinkle effect like real leather. They have moto stitching around the knee area which can feel a bit tight at times but I am hoping they will stretch out quite a bit. Although these are thicker and coated, because they are cotton, they are very breathable, not as breathable as normal denim but they are easy to wear. I do find the knee area to go quite wrinkly though, I’m hoping that will sort itself out once they mold to my body more. It’s because they are so stretchy and the stitching around the knees kind of throws the sitting of the material off a bit, I think.

The sizing on MET Jeans I find to run a little on the smaller side in comparison to most premium denim brands. The back pockets are quite small (which I love) and in the perfect place on the butt as well. I’ve only recently just tried MET Jeans and I am very impressed so far. They are an Italian denim brand which doesn’t really get much mention, but they definitely should!

I’ve included 2 sets of photos, I dressed these down for a trip to town and I dressed them up with heels to show the versatility of these pants as well. I think they can be worn with almost anything. They have quickly become my favourite pair in my closet! I’m really glad I managed to find a pair of jeans that were just like leather but tonnes cheaper, animal friendly and breathable. I would absolutely recommend these to you if you love the leather jeans look!

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