Denim Review: MOTHER Denim Muse Ankle Skinny in In It To Win It

I have had many leather pants over the past few years, but this is my first time trying a faux pair. To say the least, I would say that the MOTHER Denim Muse Ankle Skinny in In It To Win It exceeded my expectations of what faux leather can be. See how I got amazed by them below.

I’ll start off with the fabric of these as they are what I am truly amazed about the most. They are made of a faux leather, but unlike the many that I have felt, these truly feel as though they are the real thing. The technology is insane when it comes to creating the textile. I would even say that they are better than some of the real stuff that I own.

As you can see, the shell of them is of the faux material, but they have a lining to them that is soft to the touch and allows them to be easily slipped on and off. What is also great with these is that they don’t have the extreme sheen that most other faux materials usually have. To reiterate what I have said before, they are the closest to the real thing as you can get. The only difference is that they don’t have the seam at the knee that real leather has. They also hold their shape really well, which amazes me. Most leather pairs tend to stretch out a bit in the knee area after wearing them all day, but these held their shape really well.

Now to the fit. I took these in my regular size 27. I would say they run true to size for the most part, just a tad small, but nothing uncomfortably tight as they tend to form to you throughout the day. The rise is 8″ which I think is great for the style. The cut of the leg is slim, but the leg opening isn’t small like most skinny styles now. They are as they are named, a straight skinny style, yet still pretty slim. This makes them perfect for men as well, but they aren’t like the leggings cut that most styles are these days. The length of them is really good on me and I would even say they are perfect with just enough stacking at the bottom.

The back pockets are well placed and a great size. I can easily put my wallet in it without any of it peeking out at the top. They also have the signature MOTHER “M” detailing on them that I just love because of how timeless the detail is.

Overall, I would DEFINITELY suggest these to anyone that loves the look of leather, but doesn’t want to take the plunge with the high price tag and/or are animal friendly. They fit great, they feel great, and they are just plain awesome. They changed my perspective of how amazing faux leather can be. They are so good, I hope they take the detailing a bit further and add the seam at the knee or even release a faux suede pair. You can click here to purchase these jeans from REVOLVEclothing for $176.

Pants Courtesy of MOTHER Denim.