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Denim Review: Nudie Jeans Tight Long John in Organic Twill Rinsed – Modelled

As promised (in my original Nudie review), here are the worn/modelled photos of the Nudie Jeans Tight Long John in Organic Twill Rinsed. As you know, these were incredibly tight to begin with, but after wearing them around a lot, they have loosened up quite a bit and are much more comfortable now, which is great. The waist has given a lot so I don’t have such a huge muffin top and look like a mushroom anymore either, ha ha. They have stretched out all over, but they haven’t sacrificed the slim fit at all. They still fit really slim all over as you can see.

As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t class them as the most flattering jeans I have ever tried, but because they are unisex and Nudie are known for having really large back pockets, I never expected them to be incredibly flattering on the female figure. When it comes to really dark blue denim, my favourites are always my James Jeans Couture in Vesper, but I can’t compare these to those because these are a much thicker denim, with significantly less stretch, and these are raw, so they are not specially treated like the James Jeans, so I have to take these on their own.

These jeans are definitely the most flattering and comfortable raw jeans I have tried though, as I said previously, so that’s definitely something to go by! I’ve only been wearing these for about a week as you know, but already I have some deep creases going on behind the knees and at the lap area. They have stretched a bit at the knees too so they are looser there than before. I know it’s going to be a long while before any fades start to happen, but I am enjoying the process! Have any of you tried raw jeans from Nudie? Buy Tight Long John jeans online at SSENSE.

Jeans courtesy of Nudie.
Written by Lorna Burford