Denim Review: Nudie Jeans Tight Long John in Organic Twill Rinsed – Women’s

You may have just seen Jonathan’s initial review on these Nudie Tight Long John Jeans in Organic Twill Rinsed, but Nudie also sent me the same pair so I can break them in and see how they turn out. The idea behind this little challenge is that Jonathan and I both have exactly the same pair of jeans in the same size (27) and we will be seeing how they change and vary over the weeks based on our different body shapes. These are unisex jeans, so it will be really interesting learning how they differ on male and female bodies.

I started my challenge a few days behind Jonathan as I live in the UK, so my jeans take a little while longer to arrive, but we will take those few days extra into account when comparing, however I don’t think it will make that much of a difference as these are going to take a good while to break in.

Those of you who read DenimBlog regularly will know I have a bit of a weakness for raw denim (well jeans in general). Raw denim has always captured my heart in a way that no other pairs do though. I love the fact that you can take a completely plain pair of jeans and just by wearing them, you can make them entirely your own. It’s like producing art, but simply by wearing it. That’s always fascinated me. I’ve tried numerous pairs of raw jeans over the years, from brands like Sling & Stones, Cheap Monday, Good Society etc and had always wanted to try Pure Blue Japan, but never got around to it. For some shameful reason though I had never owned a pair of Nudie jeans!

When I received these, I was really excited because just by looking at the denim alone I can tell it’s a really nice quality. You can see the weaving and it feels really nice and sturdy, and of course they are very well made when it comes to stitching and everything else. I’m sure loads of you are already familiar with the Swedish brand, but just in case you aren’t, they are definitely made with care and I love the fact that they also care about the world by using organic cottons and things like that. I’ve found some raw jeans in the past to be really restricting and not very breathable, but I genuinely think that the organic cotton and great quality denim makes a difference there as these are very breathable and not horrible to wear.

The fit of these jeans actually is a lot nicer than I was expecting. Considering they are unisex I was thinking they would be more on the masculine side, but they actually fit me really well (worn pictures to come next week) as the rise is fairly low, they are slim all the way down (even at the calf which shocked me since my calves are small) and the back pockets are also positioned quite nicely too. I wouldn’t class them as the most flattering pair of jeans I have tried, because obviously they are not designed purely for the female figure, but for a unisex raw jean, I am very impressed with the fit of them. Also the length I got (32) is not that long, I feel like it measures more at around a 31 as they aren’t too long on me at all, I have a little bit of stacking which looks really nice!

The only downside with these, like Jonathan mentioned in his review, is the waist area. It’s extremely, painfully tight! It’s most uncomfortable and not very nice to wear to break in when it’s this tight, however I know they make it tight because the waist is the first area to stretch out the most in jeans, and since these are raw, they are going to give out a lot, so it’s just a case of biding time. Although yesterday I did dampen just the waist band and wear them around like that for a while to stretch them a little to speed up the process, which has worked. It’s given me an extra half an inch so far, so they are much easier to wear around at the moment. Another one is the amount of hair and lint they pick up, but that can’t be helped since they are really dark.

Like I just mentioned, I have only been wearing these 2 days, but I included some brand new photos (first 3 in the gallery) and some worn photos (last 6 in the gallery) so you can see the changes. Already I have some creases forming behind the knees and at the hip area as you can see, so I’m going to be keeping a close eye on them to see how much they change over the coming weeks. I don’t carry anything in my back pockets though so I am not expecting many fades there like some guys get wallet outlines.

So overall, I am really happy with how these fit once the waist is stretched out and I am excited to be breaking them in. I will be sharing more pictures with you over the coming months when they start to show wear and fades, so stay tuned! And like I said above, worn photos will be next week so you can see how they fit as a unisex jean! Buy Tight Long John jeans online at SSENSE.

Jeans courtesy of Nudie.
Written by Lorna Burford