Denim Review: Nudie Tight Long John in Organic Twill Rinsed

I got sent the Nudie Tight Long John in Organic Twill Rinsed to review and break in. There are many positives with these along with one little negative. Click inside to see my thought of these.

I got these in a size 27 and the fit in legs is what I appreciate most about these. They have ended my search for a really slim men’s skinny jean. The measurements of the thighs, knees, and ankles are perfect for me. I don’t have the temptation to slit the hem of these like I do with most of my jeans. So that is a huge positive for the fit of the legs. The waist is a bit tight on me, but since these have very little stretch to them, I expected it. They have started to give a bit after wearing them a few days.

The fit is also just skinny enough to be a unisex pair for both the men and women. If you are a girl that is into raw denim and something not so skinny, these would be a great choice. They have a rise that is not too high nor too low and the leg is just skinny enough to suit both.

The fabrication is a classic denim, which I like very much. It is a great change from the usual jeans that have a ton of stretch to them, especially during the cold weather. I did have to get use to them because they are a thicker denim with little to no stretch, but unlike some other raw jeans that I have tried these don’t feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a couple hours. They actually get more comfortable as the day goes on.

I am wearing these to break in, so I will keep you guys updated as more detail starts to show. As of right now they are still a classic dark blue wash. After the few days that I have worn them, the back left pocket has gotten some scraping from my wallet and the knees started to bag in the front, as well as some wrinkling in the back, hips and ankles. I am hoping to see even more details since the minor wears started to show after just a few days. You can click here to purchase a pair from the Nudie website to break in yourself.

Jeans & images Courtesy of Nudie.