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Denim Review: Nudie Tight Long John Review – 3 Weeks of Wear

It has been three weeks since I started wearing these Nudie Tight Long John in Organic Rinsed Twill. There is some wear and whiskering that has started to show throughout the jeans, so click inside to see which areas have gotten more wear than others.

The hip area has gotten some whiskering, but it is a very little amount and since they are still on the tighter side, I didn’t expect there to be a ton of wrinkling. The areas that did get them in the front did lighten up a bit though.

Along with the hip area, the thighs and knees have gotten some wear. I tend to be lying on my belly a lot which is the only way I can describe why the front is more worn than the back. The knees at the most part are the most worn areas out of the whole jeans. Those have lightened up quite a bit.

Not much as happened in the butt area other than an imprint of my wallet being left on the left pocket. It is still minor, but I think after wearing them a couple more weeks, there will be some more lines showing. The back of the knees have some honeycombs that are getting pretty strong, but that is common with just about every pair of jeans.

I am expecting to see these wear out some more and as the weeks continue, I am sure they will only get stronger. So hopefully it is the same with these.