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Denim Review: O*T*R Renegade Skinny Jean in Notorious

This weeks review is on a pair of O*T*R Renegade Skinny jeans in Notorious. I got sent these by Boutique To You a while ago and I was pleasantly suprised by them actually. I am always slightly hesitant when so many new brands come on the scene and then just disappear so I always tend to stick to what suits me the best but these O*T*R jeans have been a good shock. I hope the brand stays around!

At first I thought they would just be another cheap pair of jeans which were not a very nice fit or have a nice look to them, but I was wrong as soon as I put them on. They are leggings so they are super skinny all the way to the ankle and they definitely elongate your legs. They are a lower rise which is just how I like the rises to be and they run pretty true to size for leggings, I took a 27 in these and they fit just fine.

The back pockets are also in a very good position but they are accentuated by the stitching lines on the butt. They have moto style stitching all around the top area of the pockets and a few lines on the sides of the pockets as well as at the hem line. I find these lines really add some character to the jeans as the wash is very plain and subtle, they definitely make them more interesting. I do feel that the lines definitely don’t make the butt look as good as it could if the jeans were plain but the design is intriguing so I like it.

They are made with cotton and polyester so if you have a irritation to polyester then these do itch a bit. They are so pretty though so it’s worth actually putting up with the slight itching. The denim is really thin and stretchy as well so they hug your body perfectly while still maintaining the appearance of a jean rather than a legging. The wash is a medium to light blue which has a sort of dusty look to it so it’s easy to pair with a lot of colours or just neutrals.

I think these are definitely a fun jean for fashion purposes but for essential jeans which are really sturdy and flattering I would still recommend the main stream brands. These do make a nice change though and quite a few celebs are a fan of them already! You can buy these jeans at Boutique To You for $136.

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