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Denim Review: Paige Baxter Jogger in Black Gravel

As a brand that has mostly stuck to classic smart styles for men, the new Baxter Jogger by Paige definitely stopped me in my tracks when browsing their site. It’s definitely a cut that is pretty bold for the brand and couldn’t wait to get a pair to review.

The jogger is definitely a new cut from the usual classic skinny styles that I wear daily. As excited as I was when I opened to box to see these, I was still a bit hesitant. Then I put them on and any worry I had left. I got them in my usual men’s size, a 28 and there is some bag to them, but that just lends to the weekend feel of their look. The length is also perfect, which is rare for me being that I am only 5’8″-5’9″ and many tend to lean on the longer side.

The fabrication is what I most amazed about. They are just as the brand describes on their site. Paige has found a way to bond the feel of sweatpants with the look of a twill jogger together so flawlessly that you’ll live in their mantra of #LIVEINIT and I have. They are extremely comfortable to the point of not wanting to take them off.

The trouser cut of the pockets is a nice change for me. It lends to the sweatpants look and it also gives off a chunk vibe that I am a fan of. It smartens the style up a bit. One mishap with these is the faux back pockets. They have welts that are sewn shut and being a huge believer of pockets this is probably just a bigger issue for me than most men. But everything fits into the actual pockets of the front, so it’s not a huge issue.

The wash is a nice solid dark charcoal/washed black of the Black Gravel wash that is perfect for that lazy weekend. You can pair them with running shoes or a pair of cool sneakers or chukkas without a hitch. It really is a wash that is quite versatile.

Overall, I’m pretty happy about these for my first pair of joggers. They have a great cut to them and are a lot more versatile than I would expect. Plus they are so comfortable that I just cannot get enough of it. If you don’t mind the faux back pockets in the back and looking for a new fun cut to try from the brand, I definitely say give these a try. You can click here to get a pair for yourself from the Paige website.

Pants Courtesy of Paige