DENIM REVIEW: Paige Croft Skinny in Howell

Paige Croft Howell

My next review is on a pair of jeans that I have been looking forward to doing since the cut first came out, the Paige Croft Skinny in Howell. As you all may know, I am such a fan of the cut as they are the brands first foray into super skinny for men. They are a pair that I have just been waiting for any brand to come out with and I am happy it was by Paige as they created it in their amazing TRANSCEND fabric.

For the sizing, I based these on the Lennox cut and went with the smallest size which is a 28. The Lennox was a bit bigger on me all around in the same size and I was expecting these to be the same. They were not and fitted all around, which only adds to their appeal even more. They don’t slip down, which is great, and they retain their shape really well.

Though I do prefer most women’s style over men’s, one thing I was happy about with these is the higher rise. Other than the Paige Verdugos and a few other styles from different brands, many women’s styles sit lower. This is a reasonable aesthetic choice, but I am just happy that there is a men’s style that I can appreciate like my other pairs because of this. With the higher rise, it allows more coverage and also minimal to no slipping down the waist. This just made them all the more better.

The cut of the jeans is just as they say, which is super slim down the whole leg. Being that they are men’s jeans, I expected that they’d be on the longer side. They have a 33″ inseam which is pretty long on me, but I wear them with a cuff and that solves the issue. But ideally, they’d be perfect with a 30″ inseam for me.

The Howell wash is part of Paige’s TRANSCEND line. So you already know how comfortable they are going to be. Even with how soft they are, they don’t lose their shape and there is a bit of stiffness to them that I quite like.

The color of them is a classic dark blue wash on the outer shell, but at the lining they have a black tone to them. This detail is interesting and I am interested in seeing how they would look with wear or distressing to see the subtle contrast of the darker threads peeking through.

This is just a personal nitpicking issue, but one thing I am not the biggest fan of with the wash is the stitching. They have a yellow stitching that I find a bit stark against the dark blue/black wash of the denim. It’s something that I found, for me, just takes away from the blue. This is just something I have a problem with, but I’m sure you readers won’t have this much of a concern about it like me.

Overall, they are a great pair of jeans to own if you are a guy that has been looking for a pair that is super skinny, but doesn’t want to buy a pair of women’s jeans. The cut is amazing and comfort is lovely. Once you get a pair, you can see why we have started to see more and more celeb sightings of men in them lately. I cannot wait to see where they take this style over the seasons. You can click here to purchase these jeans from the Paige website.

Jeans Courtesy of Paige.