Denim Review: Paige Denim Verdugo Ultra Skinny in Tumble

UPDATE – I know I wrote this denim review at the end of January, quite some time ago, but I wanted to update you guys on these jeans. I’ve worn them a few times now and they have stretched out a bit, but not loads so that they are saggy and not really wearable. They have kept their shape quite well and are still comfortable.

I find that the tie dye wash is much easier to wear than I thought. It was quite daunting at first as it’s so bright, but if you pair them with black or white, it’s fine. I actually prefer the second outfit above, to how I wore them the first time below, I think it’s more versatile and edgier. It shows the jeans off better, so I definitely think pairing them with black works best for me.

Have any of you braved the bold pattern and bought these jeans? I would be interested to know how you are all wearing them! I love the outfits that Minka Kelly, Olivia Palermo and Heidi Klum put together for them. Especially Olivia’s, it was very pretty! Let me know if you have any questions about these jeans actually, I am more than willing to answer them. You can of course read the original review just below.


This weeks review is on a pair of Paige jeans that I picked up at the press day in London late last year. They are the Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny jeggings in Tumble wash. They have just been released last week on Paige’s website, so they are available to buy now. This particular wash is featured a lot in Paige’s campaign style photos and I understand why, they are such a statement pair!

The Verdugo cut, like I have mentioned before, is a fantastic jegging. It’s really flattering, incredibly skinny and so comfortable! It’s everything a jegging should be! These are slightly different to the normal Verdugo’s though, they are thicker and they feel more clingy, although I think the tighter clingy feeling is purely because of the thicker denim. These are definitely a lot more sturdy than the normal Verdugo jeggings!

The Tumble wash is really different, every pair is unique, so no two pairs will be the same due to the tie dye process they use. I think that’s really cool and it makes the jeans that little bit more special! My pair has a lot more red in it, which is what I prefer because I love red in denim. I never really thought the pairing of red, orange and then purple would go together. Purple and orange have always felt like contrasting colours to me, but it somehow works really well!

One issue I found with these jeans was clothing to pair with them, I went down the neutral route because the jeans are so bold and bright, I didn’t want too much of an overpowering outfit and other colours might make the outfit ‘too much’ so definitely keep everything else neutral. It really makes the jeans stand out and look amazing, but it does limit your other clothing options. Sometimes I don’t mind that though, if you have a statement piece, you just have to work with it rather than try to style it too much.

Another point is that I feel like these give the illusion that my legs are bigger than they are from the front, when I am walking or moving it’s fine, but stood still, because of the 2 bigger red patches on the front of the thighs, it does create an illusion that my thighs are larger than they usually are. That’s just my opinion, I’m not sure how you readers feel about them? Do you think the print here makes my legs bigger? From the other photos I have seen of these jeans on models and online, that isn’t the case as the other pairs I’ve seen don’t have the big tie dye patches on the front of the thighs. Since every pair is unique, it’s hard to say what illusion each pair will create, that’s something I find really intriguing though, the differences in each jean.

I haven’t worn these out yet, I have around my home, but not out properly. I absolutely love how fun they are, but they are quite bold. I personally feel like I need to be in a brave mood to make these work. They are definitely going to be eye catchers! I did take my usual size 27 in these and they fit perfectly too, so they are true to size for the Paige Verdugo jeggings. I’m really interested to know your opinion on these though! What do you think of them? I would love to see them on some celebs! Buy these jeans online at for $199.

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