Denim Review: Paige Edgemont Jeans in Black & White Stripes

My denim review this week is on the Paige Edgemont super skinny jeans in Black & White stripes. These jeans are an exclusive to Net-A-Porter and can only be purchased there. This is the second time I have tried thicker black and white striped jeans (I tried the 7 For All Mankind pair before) and I can definitely say that these are my favourite out of the two. You can find out why below.

This is also my second time trying the Edgemont cut, I reviewed the Edgemont in Super Rebellious back in 2011, however those were the jeans version and these are more of a jegging version. I would say these are almost like a cross between the Verdugo and the Skyline because they are super skinny all over as you can see, right from the butt down to the ankle, they are very stretchy just like the Verdugo, however they have a much thicker denim like the Skyline does, so they are definitely an in-between cut.

This Egemont fit is definitely one I am very fond of. I absolutely adore it! The Verdugo has always been my favourite cut from Paige as you know, however this fit may have just overtaken them! The reason being, I love the slightly thicker denim and the 4 hip zippers, they add so much more to the jeans than the plain ones. I think the 4 zippers can make your legs look a little shorter in regular blue denim, however when they are contrasted with the vertical stripes here, that’s definitely not the case because the stripes are the focal point of the entire jean. Vertical stripes have always been known for their slimming effect and I can really say that these do elongate the legs. I feel like my legs look at least a few inches longer in these, more than they do in plain denim.

These have thinner stripes than the 7 For All Mankind pair did and they are also not coated, so this is also why I love these much more, however the main reason is because the 7 For All Mankind pair didn’t fit me correctly, they were baggy from the knee down, where as these are super skinny and that suits my shape better. I do want to let you know that the stripes on these jeans are actually straight, the reason they bend in so much on me (a lot more than the model) is because of my knees. They aren’t straight as you have probably noticed before, so they wont curve in that much on regular knees! Just so you know. The stripes on these also look like they have been dyed on to the fabric as you can see the weave of the denim through the colour quite well, so they have that faded look to them as well, which I really quite like. It stops them from looking too bold.

As with all Paige jeans, the fit on the back pockets is amazing. I love how flattering her jeans are on the butt, the pockets are always positioned perfectly and are the right size and shape to make your butt look really good. Another thing about the fit with these is that I found them to be looser in the waist than normal Paige jeans. This is a good thing for me though as I always have the issue of the waist being tight when the jeans fit in the thighs, so it’s nice to have them fit in the thighs and in the waist perfectly. You might want to keep that in mind if you are someone that usually has a bit of a gap in the waist of their jeans. I did take my regular Skyline and Verdugo size of a 27 and they fit me perfectly as you can see, so they are definitely true to size compared to most Paige jeans. These do also come in a red and black version as well, but I much prefer the white and black! They are a lot more versatile and classic!

I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about them. I feel like I have done a couple of really good reviews in a row lately and I love these. Even though they are really bold, I definitely plan on wearing them a lot more often. They are very pretty, fit really nicely and I love how these black and white striped jeans are different to the others on the market due to the 4 hip zips. They really add that little bit of dimension to the jeans. Buy thee online exclusively at Net-A-Porter for $239.

Waist aligned – 15″
Rise – 7.75″
Hips – 17″
Mid thigh – 7.75″
Inseam – 30.75″
Leg opening – 5″

Jeans courtesy of Paige Denim.
Written by Lorna Burford