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Denim Review: Paige Indio Zip Ultra Skinny Jeans in Vintage Black

This weeks review is on a pair of Paige Denim Indio Zip Ultra Skinny Jeans in Vintage Black. I was going to review these during the week, but I only received them yesterday, so the review has to be today, sorry about that!

On the website, it says that the Indio fit is the same as the Verdugo, however when I put them on they definitely feel different. I thought the rise was a bit higher, the inseam a bit longer and they feel skinnier all over with thicker denim. That’s how I would compare them to the Verdugo and I have quite a lot of Verdugo Jeggings in my collection. I actually prefer these to the Verdugo if I am honest as well, they seem really nice. The denim is really soft, but thicker so it’s great for the cooler weather. I also find that they make your legs look longer actually, due to the super skinny fit and the black wash.

If I were to compare these to the Edgemont which has double hip zippers (4 in total), I prefer these Indio jeans as I found the Edgemont made my legs appear shorter because the amount of metal broke up the silhouette of the jeans. Even though the Edgemont are gorgeous, I think these are more wearable and a little more subtle. As with all Paige jeans, I find these to have a wonderful fit. The rise is the perfect height for me, they are sleek all over, the back pockets are very well positioned and extremely flattering, the jeans are well made overall and are just generally really comfortable and nice to wear.

As for the wash, Vintage Black, they are exactly as described. They are a dark black, but they are washed so they do have grey undertones. The image below shows up the wash really well as a faded black, but from afar they appear quite dark which is great. The only downside about these is, because the denim is really soft and washed, it’s such a hair magnet. It’s actually one of the worst hair magnets I have encountered. I took these photos after 5 minutes of putting the jeans on when they were brand new (without sitting anywhere) and you can see already how much lint and hair they have attracted, so these are really going to need caring for in my opinion. I think they will be worth it though as they are so pretty!

As with most Paige jeans, I find these fit true to size. I took my usual size of 27 and they are tight, but not too tight due to the stretch and comfortable fabric. I’ve really developed a liking for black jeans lately actually (see my post on black jeans here) as I just find them so wearable and classic. They literally go with everything, even more shades of black. But what really sets these apart for me is the hip zippers. They are pretty much completely horizontal and don’t follow the contours of the jeans, so I think that makes them unique. Usually I find hip zippers are on a slight angle, but these aren’t and that doesn’t even hinder the fit or appearance in anyway, which is great.

Overall, I really like the fit as Paige always has great fits. I love the washed black colour and the hip zippers, but the downfall is the amount of hair and lindt they attract, so it means I will have to keep tape or a lint roller near me quite often when I wear these. They have more pros than cons, so that’s always a good thing! As always I have included some measurements below to help you out with sizing and if you have any questions, just let me know! Buy these jeans online at for $199.

Waist aligned – 14.75″
Rise – 7.75″
Hips – 16.5″
Mid thigh – 7.75″
Inseam – 31″
Leg opening – 5″

Jeans courtesy of Paige Denim.