Denim Review: Paige Premium Edgemont in Super Rebellious

This weeks review is on a brand new pair of Paige Premium jeans, the Edgemont skinny jeans in Super Rebellious. These jeans are a new take on Paige’s classic skinny jean, she’s added some really cool details to them and made a normal jean really fun and sexy!

The fit of these jeans is just like all of Paige’s other 12″ Skyline jeans, it fits just the same except these have the 2 diagonal zippers at each side of the hips. These are amazing and I think they add so much life to the jeans, they really make an ordinary jean stand out. I think they give a certain sex appeal to the jeans as well, there is something about the zippers which add a sexiness to the overall jean, especially if you wear them with heels, I don’t think these would look all that good with flats purely because the thick zippers at the hips gives the illusion that you have shorter legs. Well, they did for me because my legs are not that long, so definitely pair them with heels and they look great! I took a size 27 in these which seems to be my new Paige size, I think her jeans are running slightly bigger than previous seasons at the moment.

When I first saw the Edgemont at the press day earlier in the year, I knew it was going to be amazing! I saw it in a berry colour and it was so beautiful! I still love the berry colour but I don’t think it’s getting released unfortunately. This wash is the Super Rebellious wash and it reminds me a lot of the McKinley wash which is a classic of Paige’s. It’s a beautiful and rich dark blue with subtle lighter tones down the front of the legs to give some life to the jeans. I think the new Edgemont style, having the zippers, really pairs well with this dark wash. It makes them more easy to wear and more suitable for other occasions. Even though they are quite out there compared to a classic and plain jean, these are still versatile due to the wash. I love that about them!

Obviously these jeans are incredibly flattering on the butt, as are all Paige jeans, you will know if you are a fan of the brand! This pair doesn’t have the signature curved line of stitching on each back pocket though, these are plain which I think makes them a little more different too. The lining is also funky! It’s a different type of lining to the flowers Paige usually uses, it’s more quirky and I love it!

Also, even though these have 30% polyester in them, they don’t irritate me. I’m always irritated by polyester, it makes my skin itch and feel horrible because I have super sensitive skin, but these don’t. I think it’s purely because they are a thicker and sturdier denim which is not scratchy at all, it’s really soft and it doesn’t even feel like it has polyester in it. Sometimes when you try a pair of jeans and you can feel they are rough and a bit scratchy, you know they will itch. These are really soft and I think the amount of cotton in them hides the feel of the polyester well. I never thought I would say that! These are a jean with polyester in that I can actually tolerate!

I would definitely say give these jeans a go if you can afford the $259 price tag, they are definitely different and I love them. I think Paige should release these in the ankle peg skinnies as well, these were a little long on me so I had to bunch tuck the hems a bit. (I plan on making a video to show you how to do this soon actually). I would also love them in the Verdugo jegging, that would be fantastic! I hope Paige keeps this style as part of her collection for next season too. Buy these jeans at PaigeUSA for $259.

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Jeans courtesy of Paige Premium.