Denim Review: Paper Denim & Cloth FLX Ankle Skinny in Fusion 2 Year

This weeks denim review from me is on a brand of jeans that I have always known about and seen people wear, but never tried them; Paper Denim & Cloth. I have their FLX Ankle Skinny jeans in Fusion 2 Year which I am going to be talking about for you.

Paper Denim & Cloth have been around for quite some time and they have been worn by celebs like Sienna Miller and Heidi Klum, but they don’t seem to get that much recognition in the celeb world for some reason. My first impression when I got these jeans was actually that they run really quite big. I have a size 26 in these and you can see from the photos that they are actually a bit loose, even though my true size is a 27. I’m pretty sure I could fit a size 25 in these quite tightly, or if I want them a little looser then these size 26’s are fine. If I were to compare the sizing of these then I would say they are similar to Current/Elliott’s Stiletto jeans in their regular blue washes, as I’m about a 26 in those as well.

I quite like the fit of these ankle skinnies as I feel like they are really versatile. They can be worn tight for a slim fit, but they can also be worn looser and still look good, they don’t look sloppy or ill fitted like a lot of skinny jeans worn loose can. They have that relaxed easy fit going on which I actually like as a different type of fit than what I am used to. They aren’t the most flattering jeans that I have ever worn, however for them being a little loose, they do fit quite nice.

I like how they look from the front as they are actually quite slimming, and they aren’t that bad on the butt either. I’m not overly fond of the brands trademark stitching on the pockets, but that is quite minimal, so it’s not a big issue. In terms of how the pockets fit, they aren’t that bad either. Not the most flattering like I said before, but they aren’t horrible either. I would say they were an average fit. I don’t know how they would look if the jeans were a lot tighter though, they might be different.

As for the Fusion 2 Year wash, I actually found it quite hard to match things with as it’s one of those sandy and grainy washes. It’s very pretty and very worn in with whiskering as well as fading, however I find it to be one of those washes that tends to look better on the shelf than it does worn, purely because I can’t imagine them looking really amazing with anything other than a white t-shirt. I tried pairing the wash with a blazer and some colours, but I wasn’t overly fond of how that turned out as the jeans don’t blend in too well. I do think this wash is the perfect example of a summertime wash though, because it’s an easy going, casual colour that would look best almost on its own, so for example just with some flats and a tee. That would show it off best as on its own it really is very pretty and intricate.

The denim itself is quite thin and lightweight, it’s not a jegging, but it’s also not really stiff and uncomfortable. They are quite easy to wear in terms of comfortable denim. I would say they are an in-between fabric. The denim isn’t really soft, it’s quite rough actually, but since the denim is thinner, you don’t notice it too much. Another thing I recently came across was that they are made in China. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but I am very much used to premium denim with premium denim prices being made in the USA or places like Italy. I was quite suprised to learn they were made in China, based off of those reasons.

The length is perfect though on these, they hit just at my ankles which is how an ankle skinny should fit, but never ends up fitting that way on my short legs. So that was a really nice bonus to these, to find an ankle skinny which actually is an ankle skinny on me and not a full length jean! I’m really interested in knowing though what you all think of Paper Denim & Cloth? Do you love their jeans? You can buy this pair online at their website here for $188.

Waist aligned – 14.75″
Rise – 8″
Hips – 17.5″
Mid thigh – 7.75″
Inseam – 29″
Leg opening – 5.5″

Jeans courtesy of Paper Denim & Cloth.
Written by Lorna Burford