DENIM REVIEW: R13 Alison Mid-Rise in Dirty Black

R13 Alison Skinny Dirty BlackMy next review is on a pair of the R13 Alison Mid Rise Jeans in Dirty Black. I have been waiting to try these jeans out since they first came out and was elated that I am able to now. Check out my thoughts on the style below.

For the fit, these are definitely new all around for the brand. They didn’t just raise the rise of seasons past, but actually reworked the whole jean into something that still embodies the label while showing the growth within. The cut of the leg is less of the super skinny/legging cut that R13 is known for. They are cut straighter while still being skinny. The length is also something that I like about these, which is 30″, as there is slight stacking at the ankle, but not too much. They didn’t just stop there though, they reworked the back pockets as well and enlarged them to suit the cut while still keeping the classic flattering shape.

What I love most about the jeans is the fabric as they feel like actual denim. There is a stiffness and almost rigid feel to them that just makes me really happy after all the super stretch denim the past few years. Though they were comfortable, I have just been looking for something that felt more heritage lately, which these are. There is stretch to them, so it doesn’t leave you immobile as I was still able to run in these.

The wash of these is just amazing, which is expected from R13. They are a faded black wash with fading and whiskering throughout the jeans. One thing that I like with what R13 does (which they did with these), is that they keep the whiskering subtle. More subtle than what most brands consider as subtle to keep an organic feel to them. They truly do an amazing job at this.

Overall, these are an amazing pair of jeans if you are looking for something away from the usual stretch jeans. The wash just goes with everything and just gives a look something extra when worn. So if you are looking for something different from the usual clean black and still looking for something that feels chic, these are definitely the pair to try out. You can click here to purchase these jeans from SHOPBOP for $325.