Denim Review: R13 Skinny in Black Worn

Grey denim has always been a favorite of mine, but like blue, the right wash with just enough wear and details is a mission. Unlike blue, it is feeling flat more often than not. When I got these R13 Skinny jeans in Black Worn, I could not be more elated to find a grey pair that I can truly be happy with.

I took these in my usual size 27 and would say that they run true to size. They are a bit of a thicker denim, but still have some stretch to them. Unlike their blacks, these are less clingy to the skin which gives them more of a classic skinny opposed to the legging fit.

The fabric is great, just like every pair of R13 jeans. They feel like a true pair of vintage jeans that have been worn down so much that they feel like butter. This is the main reason why I have mostly been living in their jeans over the past many months. The jeans also hold their shape really well. I have worn these since November and have had no problem with bagging anywhere on them.

What can I start with when it comes to the wash? Like I stated earlier, grey is a hard one to get right by anyone. If you get grey right, there is pretty much nothing that you can do wrong. Although this wash is named Black Worn, I would classify them as a medium to dark charcoal wash. They have fading on the thigh to keep them from feeling flat and there is some whiskering on the hips and along the inner thighs of the jeans that are very subtle. So subtle that they are one of those minor details that add so much life even when going unnoticed.

Overall, this is just another one to add to the R13 list that I suggest to anyone to try out. The wash goes with everything (it loves a brown belt) and the fit is just great. You can click here to get them now at SHOPBOP for $325.

Jeans Courtesy of R13.