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Denim Review: Rag & Bone RBW23 Leather Pants

Here is my second review on a pair of women’s jeans, well leather in this case. I thought it would be nice to review a pair of leather pants since it is one of the biggest trends this season. This review will be on the new Rag & Bone RBW23 Leather Pants that I got as a gift from Rag & Bone.

First I’ll talk about the fit. It has the classic Rag & Bone Skinny fit which is slim all the way down with a an 8″ mid rise, but unlike their skinny though, these have a 28″ inseam. The length is great as the way I wear my pants/jeans is just hanging on my hips, so they still have minor bunching and go over my feet a tad. When I did wear these at the level that many would normally wear them, they hit me at mid-ankle (I’m 5’8″). The sizing is pretty much true to size as well, I got my regular size and they fit me exactly the way that I like them to.

The material is what I really love about these. When I first tried them on at a store, I instantly fell in love. The lining is really soft and the leather is thin, so you don’t feel bulky, but it’s not too thin though, they still have enough thickness to them that will hide any bumps here and there. The look of the leather is sort of a cross between leather and suede. There is some sheen at certain angles, yet matte in others, but since it is mostly matte, these can be worn easily just like any pair of black jeans and another plus about the material is that it is breathable. It is still Summer here in Southern California (well it is just about everyday of the year) and I can easily wear these just fine without feeling suffocated. I can even say that they are more breathable than denim. Sorry denim, I love you, but I think these beat you in that department by a little.

The details can’t be left out of this review. They feature three zippers in the front that ACTUALLY lead to pockets when unzipped! This is a really big plus for me since many brands are starting to come out with more and more styles that have faux front pockets. No front pockets is not something that completely turns me away from a pair of jeans, I just find the front pockets to actually be a functional design aesthetic. The back has their classic patch pockets that have a seam going down the middle and signature on the top right corner of the right pocket. These also have ankle zippers, which I am obsessed with. It is a detail that I just cannot get enough of when they are put on jeans. You can easily unzip them when needed if there is too much bunching at the ankles.

Overall, I was really amazed with these, being that they are my first pair of leather pants. I would say they are definitely worth shelling out the money for being that they are also quite versatile. I cannot wait to try out more leather styles in the future if they are all like these. You can click here to purchase these pants at SINGER22 for $935.