Denim Review: Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans in Coal

I thought that their might be some male readers that have the same issues as me when it comes to men’s jeans; they might be too baggy (even some skinny styles can be) or on the longer side. You might even find that the washes for women tend to be more appealing to you instead. So for this review, I’ll be talking about a pair of women’s Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans in Coal that I have had for a little over a month now.

The fit of the jeans is pretty much what I look for. It is probably the main reason why I am fond of Rag & Bone. The 8.5″ rise gives them a nice slouch and the 30″ length inseam is perfect for me. There is some bunching at the ankles since I wear my jeans on my hips and not at my waist. I would assume that if you wear your jeans higher up at the waist they would end around the ankles.

The wash of these jeans is something that I really like. I never understood why it was so hard to find the perfect pair of black jeans, but it is definitely a feat of its own. I have found that many black jeans tend to not have a black lining. Most of them either have a grey/charcoal wash or sometimes blue at the lining for a reason that I do not understand. These jeans do not have that issue. I can easily cuff them without worrying about the different shade on the underside. I can proudly say that I have found one that I am very pleased with after the long search. Maybe it was just me being quite picky for the duration before though?

The material is another plus of these jeans. If you are looking for supple jeans, these are it. The softness of them is incredible. They almost feel like you are rolling around in a bed of silk blankets. Another high point about the fabric is that it is very breathable and does not get hot from the heat with the black wash. I can easily wear these the whole day without any issue of feeling constricted or overheated.

Overall, I definitely recommend these jeans to anyone who hasn’t tried them out. There is nothing that I can find wrong with them. Even during this crazy heat this Summer I was able to wear them quite a few days out of the week. You can click here to purchase Rag & Bone jeans at SINGER22.