Denim Review: Robin’s Jean Jane Skinny Jeans in Red Roses

This weeks review of mine is on the Robin’s Jean Jane Skinny Jeans in Red Roses. This was my first time trying the brand actually as I hadn’t wanted to try most of their styles before, since I prefer simplicity in pocket design etc and most have wings on the back, so I was really pleasantly suprised when I saw that they were coming out with this pair. A really plain and simple design, but with a striking print.

I didn’t know what size I would be in Robin’s, but I took a size 27 anyway, which is my regular size, and they fit just fine. The waist is quite tight though, as I have noticed when they are laid flat, they curve in at the top, so the hips are rounded and then they get smaller at the waist, quite significantly, so they are a little bit too tight in the waist for me, but I am hoping to stretch them out.

The fit of these is a fairly mid/low rise which is quite slim all over. The inseam is a little longer so they stack a bit at the ankles, which I think looks quite pretty with the print, but I was generally impressed with the cut of them and how slim they are. They are even pretty skinny in the calves which is a bonus for me, as I struggle to find regular skinny jeans slim enough in that region unless they are actual jeggings, as you know. It’s a little hard to talk about the back pocket positioning though as the print is so intense, you can’t really see them very well. If you look closely though they are quite nicely placed, very central and quite flattering, although they curve round to the sides more than on some other jeans. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I’m just stating it for positioning purposes.

The Red Roses print on these is actually gorgeous! It was what first attracted me to these jeans when I saw them in the look book. They were perfect for Valentine’s Day (which I wore them for) and even though they are really bold and bright, I find them quite easy to wear. The red of the jeans is a nice primary red, but slightly deeper so it has more warmth to it and then the print on top of the roses is in a burgundy/black sort of colour over the top. I think because red is such a versatile colour, it makes these jeans one of the more versatile printed jeans I have tried. I really do love the print, it’s so striking and pretty, but so wearable. It’s gorgeous! They are red on the inside as well, not printed, but the same red, so you can wear them with a cuff in the summer and it wont be too noticeable.

The material of these jeans is more like a twill fabric, so it’s slightly stiffer than denim, but it’s still very soft, especially on the skin and to the touch. They are really comfortable to wear once you break them in a little bit. When I first put them on they were quite tight and a little restricting, but it didn’t take them too long to give a little and fit better to my body shape. I don’t think it’s very easy to print on actual proper denim due to the way it’s made, so I’m pretty sure that’s why they use this type of twill material the majority of the time for prints, as it’s much more closely threaded and holds dye well.

Since I was so apprehensive of Robin’s Jean to begin with, due to the majority of the styles not being to my taste, these have honestly suprised me and I really quite like them. As far as print goes, these are pretty high up on my list now when it comes to beauty in the print, as they are truly beautiful and so romantic at the same time. Since I’ve not tried other Robin’s jeans, I can’t compare this Jane fit to their other pairs, however I can say their cut is almost perfect when it comes to a super skinny jean. I love the height of the rise and the slimness down the legs, as well as the back pocket placement and general look of them when worn. The inseam could be shorter to make them look sleeker, but I think they work both ways, with the stacking and without. It just depends on your leg length and I’m sure most of you know by now I don’t have the longest of legs. I would also like the waist to be cut a little bigger, then they would be perfect. But that’s purely for my body shape.

I don’t think these jeans are out yet as they are brand new, so I can’t link you to buy them just yet, but as soon as they are out, I will add a link to this post for you. In the meantime though you can check out the fit photos in the gallery and the Robin’s Jeans website to see their other styles. As always, I have included measurements below so you can see how they compare to other jeans.

Waist aligned – 14.5″
Rise – 7.5″
Hips – 16.5″
Mid thigh – 7.5″
Inseam – 29.5″
Leg opening – 5.5″

Jeans courtesy of Robin’s Jeans.
Written by Lorna Burford