Denim Review: Yoga Jeans Classic Rise Skinny Ponte Reverse in Black

My denim review this week is on a brand of jeans that I had never tried before, Yoga Jeans. I have the Classic Rise Skinny Ponte Reverse Jeans in Spectra Black and you can read my thoughts on them just below!

I took a size 27 in these jeans, which is my usual premium denim size, and they definitely run true to size. They weren’t too tight or too loose, so they have a perfect fit in terms of sizing. Yoga Jeans pride themselves on having super stretchy and comfortable jeans which have a great fit. From experience with just this one pair, I can definitely say they have achieved that. I’m always quite skeptical when trying new brands as I’m one of those people who likes what I like once I have found something amazing, then I stick to it as I know I can’t go wrong, however trying this brand was something that definitely surprised me, in a very good way.

If I’m honest, I didn’t have too many thoughts prior to trying the brand as I thought they would just be one of those brands which were just super stretchy and not too bothered about fit, but I am so glad that I was proved wrong. The moment I put this pair on I thought ‘wow’ and that’s because they fitted skin tight all over and were so stretchy. They are made of a ponte jersey style fabric at the back, which is quite thick and durable, but oh so soft and gentle on the skin. On the front they have a coated denim over the top, to give the effect of jeans. This was a little scratchy at first on my skin as it does have a polyester blend in it, however it’s soften up and it’s more tolerable now. I am mentioning it though because if you have delicate and sensitive skin, you might also find it scratchy and itchy to begin with, like I did. These are really cool though with the ponte back and denim front, they take the trend to a new level!

The one thing I can’t get over though is how light weight and stretchy they are, all while retaining their shape and fit. Usually light weight jeans tend to be baggy after just a little bit of wear and they aren’t that flattering, but these look great on the butt as they have really nicely positioned pockets and they also look great from the front. I find the thinner fabric to be really slimming, especially in black! There’s no bulkiness anywhere and they are just slim all the way to the ankle. I’m pretty confident you could actually do yoga in these, that’s how stretchy they are! The inseam is a perfect length for me to, as you can see it just skims above my ankle which is amazing! There’s barely any bunching and they are tight all the way down. The rise I would say was a mid height of around roughly 9 inches as you can see where it starts through my t-shirt above.

Yoga Jeans are made in Canada as they are a Canadian brand, so that’s always something new and different too! I’m very much used to the American made premium denim brands. The fabric blend of these jeans if you are interested is as follows: Front: 64% Cotton, 32% Polyester, 4% Lycra | Back: 65% Rayon, 30% Nylon, 5% Spandex. Putting aside the initial scratchy feeling on the front and of course the obvious one of them being a hair/lint magnet (they are black after all), I really can’t sing their praises enough! I will definitely be wearing these a lot more and I’m being honest (as I always am) when I say that I recommend them! I truly do! You can buy these jeans online for a lower price point of $138. You can’t go wrong with that!

Jeans courtesy of Yoga Jeans/Opinions all from Lorna Burford.