Everlane Jeans Review (Men And Women) [February 2024]

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Everlane Jeans is a large denim company

You can find them online at www.everlane.com and on instagram at www.instagram.com/everlane

You can find their fit guide online at everlane.com/denim-guide

They are carried by Nordstrom.

After reviewing 363 reviews across the web, Everlane Jeans scored a 4.38 out of 5.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best of the best – the most popular and highest-rated styles. Plus, get the scoop on upcoming sales and more.

Topic most mentioned about Everlane Jeans

The single most important topic people are interested in relating to Everlane jeans is the fit and quality of the jeans, including comparisons to Madewell jeans, as well as what the hottest styles are and whether the jeans run big or small.

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    Best Everlane Men’s Jeans

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    Best Women’s Jeans

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    Everlane Jeans Sizing

    According to the website regarding denim jeans analysis from manufacturing to quality and fits and types of jeans sold by Everlane, it is determined that they are true to fit with no major size variations.

    How Do Everlane Jeans Compare To A.p.c. Jeans

    The difference with Everland jeans is that it is raw denim and they are very stiff and uncomfortable at first. Over time, they will actually conform to the body of the person wearing the jeans. A.p.c. jeans are selvedge denim which means they are woven together in a way that lets you know that you are wearing premium denim. They are softer when they are new.

    Do Everlane Jeans Bleed?

    The good news for those of you wanting to buy Everlane jeans, there is no bleeding in the dreaded first wash. They will not bleed or fade other jeans or fabrics you wash them with.

    Online Conversations About Everlane

    Review of Everlane from a Reddit User

    Back in maybe November/early December of 2018, I bought a pair of Everlane jeans to be like a goal pair to strive to wear. They’re legit denim, so no stretch whatsoever (unlike all of my other jeans!).

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  • What Customers Are Saying About Everlane Jeans

    After reviewing 363 reviews across the web, Everlane Jeans scored a 4.38 out of 5.

    This denim brand has earned high praise from customers, who love its quality and stylish designs. One customer raves, “The jeans fit great and look even better. I’m so glad I found this brand!” Another comments, “I love the ripped detailing and the denim is so soft and comfortable to wear.” Overall, this denim brand has earned glowing reviews from its customers for its high quality, stylish designs, and comfortable fit.

    Overall, reviews for the denim brand are positive, with customers praising the quality of the materials and fit. One customer said “I can’t believe the quality for the price” and another said “I’m so impressed with the fit – they look great and feel great too!”

    Everlane Jeans Trend


    You can see Everlane’s rise over the past couple of years

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