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Everlane Jeans Review (Men And Women) [May 2019]

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Everlane is leading the growing transparency movement in fashion. From the way their pricing works to the treatment of employees, each piece of the Everlane process is part of their company story.

Unlike some who adopt this transparency-first marketing approach, Everlane is the real deal, subjecting all partner factories to the same standards of sustainability and fair practice that they at Everlane use internally.

Even more, Everlane’s denim factory is regarded as one of the most sustainable denim factories in the work.

In the 21st century its refreshing to see a company that considers the bigger picture of fashion. Here’s the best part…their style is so chic. See below…

Best Everlane Men’s Jeans

The Best Men’s Jeans…


EVERLANE The Cotton Crew $16.00


EVERLANE The Japanese Slim Fit Oxford $58.00


EVERLANE The Filled Nylon Bomber Jacket $98.00


EVERLANE The Athletic Fit in Black $68.00

The jeans that has the research to back them up. After getting feedback, they designed a style that has a roomier thigh and a tapered leg to still show off the shoes. They are slimming, but won’t hide the hard work that you put in at the gym.


EVERLANE The Slim in Dark Indigo $68.00

The pair that is a little more timeless. They have a timeless slim cut in a clean blue wash that overtime, will just look even better with the wear patterns.


EVERLANE The Skinny in Dark Indigo $68.00

The skinny jeans that rivals the pairs costing hundreds of dollars. The jeans are made of an 11oz Japanese denim and cut in a skinny fit that is not suffocating at the ankles. And don’t worry, they have some stretch, so you won’t have to worry about those knee bends.


EVERLANE The Slim Fit in Mid Blue $68.00

EVERLANE id all about timeless, even when it comes to their fits. The Slim Fit is a fitted style that is easy and not too skinny and perfect for that guy that finds the usual skinny too tight.


Best Everlane Jeans For Men

Best Everlane Jeans For Men

EVERLANE The Straight Fit in Mid Blue $68.00

The classic pair of jeans that will suit all men. Made of an 11oz denim, they are substantial pair that will hold up over time and have hints of stretch for some added comfort.


EVERLANE The Denim Jacket in Classic Blue Wash $88.00

This is the denim jacket that was not skimped on. Made of a heavy duty 13.5oz denim, it was designed for wearing out and putting your personal imprint on them with the wear patterns.


Everlane Skinny Jeans

Everlane Skinny Jeans

Everlane Skinny jeans

Flattering version of the classic skinny jean. This is for the man that needs more that a slim fit. These jeans are made with high quality, soft denim for a comfy fit.

Best Women’s Jeans

Now our favorite women’s jeans…


EVERLANE The Cashmere Waffle Square Turtleneck $155.00


EVERLANE The Oversized Alpaca Crew $95.00


EVERLANE The Oversized Blazer $160.00


EVERLANE The Denim Jacket in Blue Wash $88.00

This is the classic denim jacket that you will constantly buy over and over. Made of a rigid Japanese denim, this one was designed to look better as you wear it in. Even with the already washed color, they are sure to look even better with some personal wear patterns.


EVERLANE The Kick Crop in Black $78.00

These are the jeans that are sure to elongate your legs. Made of an 11oz Japanese denim, these have a hint of stretch to them and cut with a subtle kick for a little flirty touch.


EVERLANE The Mid Rise Skinny in Washed Black $68.00

The perfect washed black jeans that you have been looking for, in a fit that does not mess around. They are sleek and versatile. Just the perfect style for everyday wear.


EVERLANE The Mid Rise Skinny in Mid Blue $68.00

As EVERLANE said themselveswhy mess with a classic?” These jeans are as timeless as can be…plus come in multiple lengths for whether you are looking for a clean crop or longer for some stacks with ankle boots.


EVERLANE The Cheeky Straight in Indigo Wash $68.00

This straight leg jean has a super-high rise and a raised back hook seam to give a perkier look to the butt. They also have a higher pocket to elevate a more lifted look.


Best Dark Denim

Best Dark Denim

EVERLANE The High Rise in Dark Indigo $68.00

These are the perfect high rise jeans. Made from premium Japanese denim, with a hint of stretch, they are sleek and slimming. They are also a clean dark blue that is very of the moment.


Everlane Jeans Mid Blue

Everlane Jeans Mid Blue

Everlane Mid Rise Skinny Blue Jeans

This classic go to mid rise skinny jean is a quality made, stretch jean that is sure to be a hit with whatever you decide to wear with them. Easy to care for and they have a great “memory” so they will not lose shape.


Everlane Denim Shirt Dress

Everlane Denim Shirt Dress

Everlane Denim shirt Dress

Women’s denim shirt dress. Simple style for comfort as well as versatility. Can be dressed up or great for lounging around

This item no longer on site.


Everlane Denim Jacket

Everlane Denim Jacket

Everlane Denim jacket

The modern take on the jean jacket. Material is relaxed fit denim for comfy fit.


Everlane High Rise Skinny Jeans

Everlane High Rise Skinny Jeans

Everlane High Rise Skinny Jeans

High Rise skinny jeans made with Japanese denim. Classic take on the skinny jean. Very flattering to the figure


Everlane Boyfriend Jeans

Everlane Boyfriend Jeans

Everland Boyfriend Jeans

Japanese denim jeans with some stretch, a twist of the vintage boyfriend jean with a higher rise and comfortable fit.

Everlane Jeans Sizing

According to the website regarding denim jeans analysis from manufacturing to quality and fits and types of jeans sold by Everlane, it is determined that they are true to fit with no major size variations.

how do everlane jeans compare to a.p.c. jeans

The difference with Everland jeans is that it is raw denim and they are very stiff and uncomfortable at first. Over time, they will actually conform to the body of the person wearing the jeans. A.p.c. jeans are selvedge denim which means they are woven together in a way that lets you know that you are wearing premium denim. They are softer when they are new.

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