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Denim Interview: Ksubi

How do Ksubi Jeans Fit?

Ksubi Jeans are known for being true to fit. You can finally buy a pair of jeans that are going to be accurate with your normal measurements.

Where Can you buy Ksubi jeans?

Ksubi Jeans are known for being true to fit. You can finally buy a pair of jeans that are going to be accurate with your normal measurements.

Since I heard about the Ksubi reboots, I couldn’t be more excited. I got in touch with the new team of one of the coolest brands to see what they are up to. Read how they are keeping Ksubi as one of the most in demand brands and why cool will always be part of their soul. See these answers and more below.

DenimBlog: What do you get inspired by?
Ksubi: We are inspired by anyone who breaks down the door first. Because it’s hard to do. We have broken a lot of doors first. And you can count on ksubi breaking even more doors down. But we won’t announce it. Just like the DEA.

DB: What is your process before designing each piece?
Ksubi: We design from the heart. We don’t over think it. We do what we like and it seems like a lot of people appreciate what we do.

DB: What is your favorite piece that you designed?
Ksubi: Anything that is in out collection is bad ass. So – everything in our collection.

DB: How would you wear your favorite pieces?
Ksubi: Customers interpret ksubi in their own personality. Wear it however you like. And that’s exactly why people appreciate us. That is why you can find a wide range of consumers that wear ksubi. From ages 16-60. Rockers, Rappers, Pop. We expect Taylor Swift will appreciate us as well. (A$AP to Foo Fighters to Norah Jones)

DB: With the move across seas to Venice, California, will that inspire the line?
Ksubi: Denim was born in California and will always be the epicenter of denim world wide. From Dior to Australians. They all come to California. Because there is no place as cool as SoCcal/LA. They all migrate here – even Paris designers spend time in LA because it’s very cool people in SoCal.

DB: With many reboots, designers tend to change signatures and basically rebrand from the bottom up. I love that you kept the signatures of the brand, like the crosses and logo. Why did you chose to keep them opposed to just starting clean?
Ksubi: The crosses came from the boys skating around cities and seeing the crosses painted on the ground by construction crews getting ready to break ground during construction. Ksubi always is breaking ground. No need to change our soul.

DB: Ksubi made such an impact and put skinny jeans on the map when it originally launched. How are you reinventing the style for the season?
Ksubi: Don’t fix what ain’t broke. Ksubi invented skinny when no one was going there. We are just owning it more.

DB: Ksubi has always been one that is hard to find here in the states. What stores will be carrying the label?
Ksubi: We are back with our original account base. We don’t subscribe to selling more doors. We believe in creating the demand and driving more business thru less doors. We are old school. Whether that’s right or wrong is hard to say. We just think it’s the right way. Our existing accounts love us for this. It’s unheard of these days. Everyone is so greedy. It’s why ksubi still has a very strong demand for the brand.

DB:What can we expect to see from the new Ksubi in the future?
Ksubi: You can expect us to continue to be ksubi. Just being better at filling the demand.

DB: What are your favorite piece(s) of the season?
Ksubi: “Black is what we wear on the outside because black is how we feel on the inside” – The Smiths (Unloveable)

DB: Can we expect new cuts in the future?
Ksubi: We will introduce some new stuff but we are staying true to our core and giving the consumers what they are screaming for at the top of their lungs. Our stuff is timeless and season less. And it will still be cool 10 years from now no doubt about it. Nothing looks sexier on a man or a woman than skinny. I don’t turn my head and look at a woman wearing a baggy fit and think her ass and legs look sexy as hell. Same for a man (if you are a woman or a man looking at another man- same thing)

DB: Will there be an expansion of the use of different textiles, like leather?
Ksubi: You can definitely expect better premium fabrics than what was used in the past.

DB: What pair do you think everyone should own for the new season (men and women)?
Ksubi: Van Winkle and Chitch for men and Spray On and High & Wasted for woman. In jet black. Faded black. Holes and no holes.

Will there be exclusive collaborations that we can know about?
Ksubi: Yes, No. Maybe. Just has to come from the right place.

DB: Lastly, how many jeans do you own?
Ksubi: You can never own to many jeans.