Madewell Jeans Review [March 2024]

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Madewell is a large denim company

You can find them online at and on instagram at

After reviewing 130 across the web, Madewell scored a 4.32/5.

You can find their fit guide online at

They are carried by Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and Bloomingdales

Below, we take a look at the most popular & highest rated styles, along with interesting information, like when sales are coming up and more.

Frequent Questions About Madewell

Madewell Size Guide

Madewell Women's Fit Guide

Madewell Women’s Fit Guide

The size guide above paints a clear picture of Madewell’s fit, though it’s worth pointing out that fit varies a ton by the actual cut of the jeans. For each pair, if you order through they have really clear information about fit, average review, and photos of people wearing the jeans — all very helpful.

Our Picks From Madewell

And a little about what makes each special…

Where to Buy Madewell Jeans

You can find Madewell jeans a few places online besides — they also have a ton of retail stores (see below).


  • is best if you are looking to see the latest and greatest — and as a bonus you will get to work with their customer service team, who are legit very good and responsive.
    *Also, if you want to visit a Madewell store in person, check out this store locator they have, which shows you the closest store to you.
  • ShopBop Shopbop and other online retailers are best if you are looking for a deal. Since ShopBop has to move a ton of jeans, you can often find great deals toward the end of each season.
  • Nordstrom Like Shopbop, if you have some time and patience you can find great deals.
  • Offline

  • By last count, Madewell has over 50 retail locations. Use that store locator I mentioned before and you will definitely find a store within 50 miles. I do not believe they sell in any independent clothing shops, but can be found at some bigger retailers, like their parent company J Crew.
  • Madewell Jeans Recycling

    Madewell Recycling Program

    Madewell Recycling Program

    So it turns out that denim can be shredded and used as home insulation. News to me too — but cool nonetheless.

    AS of February 2019, Madewell has a program where you can bring in a pair of jeans (from any brand, no matter how old) and you will receive $20 any purchase from that Madewell store.

    I have to say this is such a creative ideas — and they’ve used the recycled material on over 450 houses. What a great example of reusing, being smart, and giving their customers a reason to buy new jeans.

    Brands Similar to Madewell

    Madewell falls into the category of mid-range, comfortable and stylish jeans. A little bit nicer than traditional “fast fashion” but definitely not true premium denim. Here are three brands that are similar.

    1. Gap for all of you sleeping on the Gap wake up! They have moved away from those iconic sweatshirts and toward a comfort first, stylish line of denim. They have a less expensive price point too.

    2. J. Crew is actually Madewell’s parent company, so there is a lot of cross over here. The price point is about the same with the main difference being J. Crew has a little more traditional line and fewer options.

    3. AG has always been about comfort, as they were one of the first premium denim brands to move away from stiff denim and use blended fabrics. You will still pay the premium denim price, but if you love comfort, they’re a good choice.

    are madewell jeans vegan?

    The Madewell line all the way to their shoes is made with vegan materials.

    where are madewell jeans made?

    Madewell are now made in New York. They used to be made in New Hampshire, but the brand was sold to J. Crew.

    What Customers Are Saying About Madewell

    The inside story on quality, fit, and more…

    “10” Rise? Not even close”

    “10” Rise? Not even close”

    “1st pair, but def not last pair of madewell jeans for me!”

    “1st pair, but def not last pair of madewell jeans for me!”

    “A Big Booty Girl’s Dream”

    “A Big Booty Girl’s Dream”

    “Adorable mom jeans :)”

    “Adorable mom jeans :)”

    “All the perks of a vintage looking jean without the stiffness”

    “All the perks of a vintage looking jean without the stiffness”

    Email Offer Summary

    Emails are sent approximately daily.

    Email TypeFrequencySale Amount
    The Insiders EventDaily25% off
    White Denim Line PromotionRarelyFree Shipping & Returns
    IT’S DRESS SEASONRarelyFree Shipping & Returns
    Product FeaturesRarelyN/A

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