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The Best Madewell Jeans

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Photo by MADWELL

With their minimal and timeless styles, it’s no surprise that Madewell has become a go-to brand for women.

From the perfect skinny jeans to the easy boyfriend cuts and even maternity styles, you can fill your entire closet with their jeans.

The brand first started with a clean, simple, on-trend styles, like the everyday skinny and fun cropped bootcuts for a little more French attitude.

Madewell has now expanded to more than just denim with t shirts, knits and dresses that are on-trend and just as timeless as their denim. Even a men’s line was recently introduced (we will touch base on that later) to complete the brand’s concept.

With designs that will carry over from year to year, what is there not to love about Madewell?

Here are our picks for the bests from Madewell’s current line

Below are the “bests” from a few categories that are obvious different, like best white jeans and best straight leg. If you want to see all of our recommendations, including knits and denim, go all the way to the bottom of the article.


Best Madewell Jeans

MADEWELL The Perfect Vintage Jeans $115.00

These are the ‘Perfect Vintage’ style that you have been looking for. They have just the right amount of that lived in look with a fresh wash to help keep them looking modern.


Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans

MADEWELL The Maternity Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans $138.00


Best White Jeans

Best White Jeans

MADEWELL The 10″ High-Rise Skinny Crop Jeans $128.00

The classic white just got a retro spin with an exposed button-fly. These have ease that you wouldn’t normally in a pair of crisp white jeans.


Best Madewell Skinny Jeans

Best Madewell Skinny Jeans

MADEWELL The 9″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans $89.00

MADEWELL is known for their perfect skinny cut and these are just that. They are slimming, versatile and have that ease that we all look for in a pair of jeans to wear with everything.


Best High Waisted Jeans

Best High Waisted Jeans

MADEWELL The Classic Straight Jeans $125.00

The style that went old school with a little French twist with the clean lines and medium-dark wash.


Best Boyfriend Jeans

Best Boyfriend Jeans

MADEWELL The Straight Leg Jeans $168.00

If you have been tempted to buy a pair of raw denim jeans, look no further. You will no longer have to steal that selvedge pair from your boyfriend and snag up a pair or two for yourself without the breaking in process for yourself.


Best Black Jeans

Best Black Jeans

MADEWELL The 9″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans $128.00

A distressed black pair of jeans is a staple. They will add attitude to any look you wear them with and MADEWELL made them in their popular skinny cut to flatter your body.

Madewell Size Guide

Madewell Women's Fit Guide

Madewell Women’s Fit Guide

The size guide above paints a clear picture of Madewell’s fit, though it’s worth pointing out that fit varies a ton by the actual cut of the jeans. For each pair, if you order through they have really clear information about fit, average review, and photos of people wearing the jeans — all very helpful.

Where to Buy Madewell Jeans

You can find Madewell jeans a few places online besides — they also have a ton of retail stores (see below).


  • is best if you are looking to see the latest and greatest — and as a bonus you will get to work with their customer service team, who are legit very good and responsive.
    *Also, if you want to visit a Madewell store in person, check out this store locator they have, which shows you the closest store to you.
  • ShopBop Shopbop and other online retailers are best if you are looking for a deal. Since ShopBop has to move a ton of jeans, you can often find great deals toward the end of each season.
  • Nordstrom Like Shopbop, if you have some time and patience you can find great deals.
  • Offline

  • By last count, Madewell has over 50 retail locations. Use that store locator I mentioned before and you will definitely find a store within 50 miles. I do not believe they sell in any independent clothing shops, but can be found at some bigger retailers, like their parent company J Crew.
  • Madewell Jeans Recycling

    Madewell Recycling Program

    Madewell Recycling Program

    So it turns out that denim can be shredded and used as home insulation. News to me too — but cool nonetheless.

    AS of February 2019, Madewell has a program where you can bring in a pair of jeans (from any brand, no matter how old) and you will receive $20 any purchase from that Madewell store.

    I have to say this is such a creative ideas — and they’ve used the recycled material on over 450 houses. What a great example of reusing, being smart, and giving their customers a reason to buy new jeans.

    Brands Similar to Madewell

    Madewell falls into the category of mid-range, comfortable and stylish jeans. A little bit nicer than traditional “fast fashion” but definitely not true premium denim. Here are three brands that are similar.

    1. Gap for all of you sleeping on the Gap wake up! They have moved away from those iconic sweatshirts and toward a comfort first, stylish line of denim. They have a less expensive price point too.

    2. J. Crew is actually Madewell’s parent company, so there is a lot of cross over here. The price point is about the same with the main difference being J. Crew has a little more traditional line and fewer options.

    3. AG has always been about comfort, as they were one of the first premium denim brands to move away from stiff denim and use blended fabrics. You will still pay the premium denim price, but if you love comfort, they’re a good choice.

    All of Our Madewell Picks

    Here is the full list of our favorites from Madewell’s current collection…

    MADEWELL The Remi Bow Mules $69.00

    MADEWELL The Stretch Denim Straight Mini Skirt $68.00

    MADWELL The Overture Top $88.00

    MADEWELL The Hazelwood Wrap-Front Mini Dress $128.00

    MADEWELL The Denim Tie-Front Shirt $79.00

    MADEWELL The Denim Coverall Jumpsuit $168.00

    Maternity Jeans

    Maternity Jeans 🌟

    MADEWELL The Maternity Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans $138.00

    MADEWELL The 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans $98.00

    MADEWELL The 9″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans $135.00

    How do add a bit of luxury to the classic medium blues? By adding some velvet to them. These have a velvet tuxedo stripe down the leg to elevate the dark vintage inspired wash.

    MADEWELL The Wide Leg Crop Jeans $128.00

    You cannot go wrong with a pair of cropped wide leg jeans. They always feel chic and flatter all body types. MADEWELL also slimmed down the cut to make it even more flattering.

    MADEWELL The Shrunken Jean Jacket $118.00

    The denim jacket is just a classic and you can’t go wrong with this dark washed style that is a refreshing take on timeless piece. Plus you can even monogram it with your initials.

    MADEWELL The High-Rise Slim Boyjean $75.00

    The High-Rise Slim breathes the ease of the brand. These are slouchy, yet fitted making them the perfect style to wear on any off-duty days when you want to give the skinny jeans a break.

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