Best Naked And Famous Jeans [May 2021]

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Like their name suggests, Naked and Famous Denim is well known for their interesting — sometimes outlandish — denim.

The Canadian company believes in product over marketing, focusing on high quality raw denim jeans with no distressing. This niche is perfect for denimheads who are willing to take the care and effort associated with raw denim jeans.

Today, you can find more than just jeans in their collection, as they’ve moved into knits, belts, and button-downs.

You can find them online at and on instagram at

After reviewing Naked and Famous Denim’s reviews across all fits, they’ve scored a 4.40 out of 5.

You can find their fit guide online at

They are carried by Nordstrom, Amazon and Amazon

Below, we take a look at the most popular & highest rated styles, along with interesting information, like when sales are coming up and more.

Editor’s Choice


Naked & Famous Denim from Nordstrom $232.00

The jeans are denim and the weird guy tapered slim fit jeans are a good fit.

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Our Favorite Naked and Famous Jeans

Our favorite jeans from Naked and Famous along with a little about what makes each special…



from Nordstrom $232.00

The mens denim weird guy tapered slim fit jeans are a great pair of jeans for any guy looking for a more fitted and slim fit.



from East Dane $188.00

These jeans are of good quality and are very comfortable.



from East Dane $178.00

I like the way these jeans look and feel. They are a little tight around my thighs, but I think they will stretch out.



from SSENSE $175.00

These are a great pair of jeans that are very comfortable. They have a nice stretch to them and are perfect for all day wear.



from East Dane $175.00

The Weird Guy Selvedge Jeans are a classic pair of jeans, with a slim straight leg and a button fly.



from East Dane $174.00

The jeans are made from recycled fabric and are an eco-friendly choice. The jeans are also made from selvedge denim which gives them a nice texture and durability.

How Do Naked And Famous Jeans Fit?

Breaking down their many types of jeans, Naked and Famous Jeans are custom made for just about every body type out there for men and women.

In reading reviews and descriptions for each type of jeans, they are made to fit and they are true to size.

They have jeans for men and women that will flatter any body type and accentuate the correct parts. The closest thing to true tailoring in denim that you can get without actually walking into a tailor and having a pair of jeans designed for you.

how to wash naked and famous denim

The best way to wash raw denim such as this is to turn them inside out and wash them in cold water. After the wash cycle is done, let them air dry on the line. Definitely no drying.

You can also wash them in the tub in cold water, let them soak for an hour and gently wash them. Let them air dry.

How Do You Clean Unsanforized Denim?

Presoak them in lukewarm water. After soaking them for an hour, take them from the water and let them hang on a hook by the belt loop

Brands Similar to Naked And Famous Denim

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  • What Customers Are Saying About Naked And Famous Denim

    Of the 83 reviews we analyzed, 72 were positive, 2 were negative, and 9 were neutral. Below are a few snippets from the reviews.

    “A great brand of jeans.”

    “A happy customer”

    “Amazing Jeans!”

    Who makes Naked and Famous jeans?

    Naked and Famous jeans are made in Canada.

    How do you break in Naked and Famous jeans?

    Naked and Famous jeans are made from raw denim, which means the fabric is untreated and stiff. To break them in, the first few wears should be reserved for short periods of time, such as a 15 minute walk. After the first few wears, the jeans will soften up and will require less break-in time.