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Best Naked And Famous Jeans of 2019

Naked and Famous is well known for their interesting — sometimes outlandish — denim.

The Canadian company believes in product over marketing, focusing on high quality raw denim jeans with no distressing. This niche is perfect for denimheads who are willing to take the care and effort associated with raw denim jeans.

Today, you can find more than just jeans in their collection, as they’ve moved into knits, belts, and button-downs.

Our Recommendations for The Best Naked and Famous Jeans

Naked and Famous only has a men’s collection. Below, we break down the different cuts, letting you know what’s best for what.


Editor’s Choice for Naked and Famous Jeans 🌟

Naked & Famous Denim Men’s SkinnyGuy Jean In Black Power-Stretch $140.00

High quality Japanese denim, dark wash, and a slim fit…what isn’t to love? These really are the essential black jeans for work and play, especially if you have an athletic frame.

Reasons We Love These

  • Long enough to roll or accommodate your long legs if you are tall.
  • Things to Look Out For

  • Some reports of the crotch wearing out, though I haven’t had that issue.
  • 2/12

    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Weirdguy Tapered Fit Jean | Natural Indigo Selvedge $158.00

    I love these rich color of these jeans. If you have a wardrobe that can handle this dark indigo — and don’t mind the wide leg — buy them.


    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Weird Guy Deep Indigo Rigid Selvedge Jean $140.50

    Wider leg than most of the other pairs mentioned. I personally prefer a slimmer fit, but if you like the “classic” raw denim look — indigo and wide leg — these are perfect.

    Reasons We Love These

  • Heavy denim — they feel like very high quality jeans.
  • Things to Look Out For

  • Breaking these in will take a will…and getting there is a stiff ride.

  • 4/12

    Naked & Famous Denim Skinny Guy Skinny Leg Power Stretch Jean in Indigo $155.00

    We mentioned these earlier in black but I love the richness of Naked/Famous’s indigo washes.

    Reasons We Love These

  • Best price for raw denim with such good quality.
  • Things to Look Out For

  • Jeans are a little long in the leg. If you are shorter, hemming is a must.

  • 5/12

    Best Selvedge Jeans

    Best Selvedge Jeans 🌟

    Naked & Famous Denim Weird Guy Midrise Tapered-Leg Jean In Indigo Selvedge $125.00

    The Weird Guy cut is the classic pair of selvedge jeans. If you are looking for a pair, you won’t find better quality or price than these.

    Reasons We Love These

  • Great dark indigo color
  • Things to Look Out For

  • Waist is a bit large and thighs fit tight

  • 6/12

    Best Khaki Raw Denim

    Best Khaki Raw Denim 🌟

    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Weird Guy In Selvedge Khaki Green Chino Jean $150.00

    I can’t decide if I love this wash or not. If you are looking for a khaki raw denim then these are a good option — because they are hard to find. Same excellent quality as all the NF jeans.


    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Super Guy Jean In Left Hand Twill Selvedge $140.00

    Size down with these for sure as they are known to stretch quite a bit over time. The curse of raw denim is sizing, so trying a stretch pair at first might help you get your bearings on how NF fits you.


    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Weird Guy Black X Grey Stretch Selvedge Jean $152.43

    Dark — but not black — wash makes these a more universal choice than the blue washes. Meant to be cuffed unless you are really tall.


    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Skinny Guy Jean In Left-Hand Twill Selvedge $100.21

    Another wash from the SkinnyGuy cut. These are tapered but still have a wider lower leg than what you are used to. I personally don’t mind this look but some don’t love it.

    Reasons We Love These

  • Very rich indigo color
  • Things to Look Out For

  • Very tight fit at first…

  • 10/12

    Naked & Famous Denim SlimGuy Midrise Jean In Broken Twill Selvedge $121.08

    The perfect “starter” pair of raw denim jeans, Japanese denim with a long leg perfect for taller guys (or cuffing). Remember these will take some breaking in, so the first month or so may be a little uncomfortable.


    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s WeirdGuy Jean In Left-Hand Twill Selvedge $127.79

    You may want to size down with these, even if the initial fit is a little tight. Raw denim jeans will stretch out over time as they form to your body, so better to size up than down.

    Reasons We Love These

  • Good price compared to other raw denim jeans
  • Things to Look Out For

  • Jeans have a lower rise than most premium denim, so they sit lower on your hips.

  • 12/12

    Best Black Naked and Famous Jeans

    Best Black Naked and Famous Jeans 🌟

    Naked & Famous Denim Men’s Super Guy Jean In Black Power-Stretch $103.84

    These jeans have a little more give than you average raw denim pair with their 5% blend, but they aren’t close to as flexible as other stretch jeans. That said, they still have the “break in” period like most raw denim, so they will be a little stiff for the first 10 – 15 wears.

    Reasons We Love These

  • Most people become fans for life after buying a pair.
  • Things to Look Out For

  • The stretch is less than other “stretch” fabrics, so the fit is a bit tight