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Nudie Tight Long John in Organic Twill Rinse – Women’s Update

You may remember my initial post when I had first gotten these Nudie Tight Long John jeans in Organic Twill Rinse back at the end of February. I explained then that I would be breaking these in and documenting the changes over the months. I am doing these jeans from a woman’s point of view, while Jonathan is breaking in the same pair, but from a man’s point of view, to see how different the fades and creases are based on the different body shapes.

I have had these jeans for 3 months now, but I haven’t been wearing them every single day, as I don’t have time to do that, I need to be wearing many other jeans as well. I have been wearing them off and on though, so I would probably say they are at about 20 wears (at an estimate) which is quite a lot for me since I always have my jeans on rotations. These have changed a lot though over the course of these few wears. The honeycombs on the backs of the knees are really creasing up nicely and are permanent now, I also have some nice lap whiskers and some creases around the ankles due to the stacking. I have noticed that little areas of the knee inseams have started to fade a lighter blue as well, from rubbing together I assume.

Overall, they have stretched out a lot. These were so tight in the beginning, they were incredibly painful and left red marks all over me, it was a struggle to even sit down in them, but after some damp stretching on the waist band and lots of general wear, they have stretched out to fit me great. I would probably say they have given about 3/4 of a size at the moment. I am expecting more though. It’s really nice being able to see these progress and watch how the subtle changes happen, but I do know it’s going to take me a long time. I wear them whenever possible, like around home and sometimes for errands, but I’m a comfort girl when it comes to jeans, so a lot of the time I favour a jegging or a light weight skinny. I will get there though as I have always been determined to break in a raw pair of jeans all the way and not give up when it gets tedious! You can see my photos in the gallery below.

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Written by Lorna Burford